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  • 45 Lives and Counting: Shreveport Campus's Commitment to Blood Donation Starts with Its Campus President

    Since 2010, Remington College has partnered with America's Blood Centers and the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America to hold blood drives at every Remington College campus across the nation.

    Our 3 Lives program aims to promote blood donation, particularly among minority groups like African Americans, whose blood typically contains unique antigens critical for fighting hereditary conditions like sickle cell disease.

    The program is called 3 Lives because of the huge difference one person can make: Donating one pint of blood (the average volume of a single donation) may save up to three lives.

    One such person, our Remington College - Shreveport Campus President Jerry Driskill, believes in it so much he's done it 15 times during the past four years. And he's not done yet. "I think it's important to show others that everyone can do something to help, even if it's as simple as a blood donation," said Mr. Driskill.

    The Commitment

    Mr. Driskill explained how the commitment began for him at Shreveport. "The first time I gave, it was to show our students who were scared to give that it didn't hurt."

    "As time went on and I learned how much blood is needed and the lives that could be saved by giving, I fully understood the importance of giving. Over the past few years, I've learned more about the gift of giving blood and heard numerous stories about the lives saved. And the more I've heard, the more involved I have become at our campus," he added.

    The Challenge

    He talked about the challenge he's put out there for students at our Shreveport college. "I will go around and rally our students to give, not only to ensure that they get educated about the gift of giving blood, but also to learn why giving is so important."

    Why is this a vital cause for Mr. Driskill? He explained, "If one person can save three lives with one donation, think about how many people may be saved when our efforts are multiplied! I think the amount of blood that our campus gives is living proof that we see the need, care enough to participate, and understand the importance of giving."

    The Response

    And care they do. For eight consecutive months, the Shreveport Campus had the most blood donations of all Remington College campuses, collecting 344 pints of blood of the total 2,650 pints collected in 2010.

    Mr. Driskill is rightly pleased by this response. "To the students of Remington College - Shreveport Campus, I'm proud to say 'WOW, super effort!' but more importantly, I'm humbled by the number who are willing to help others by giving of themselves. And to know that 25 percent of our students are first-time donors - to watch the initial stage of fear and curiosity, and then to see them experience the process of giving and the feeling of 'I really just did that!' - is a real treat to watch. I also think the free snack and T-shirt they get after giving doesn't hurt," he said.

    To date in 2011, our 20 campuses around the U.S. have donated 1,440 pints of their blood to benefit those in need.

    How YOU Can Help

    Mere minutes of your time can literally have an impact that's larger than a single life. We encourage students, staff, and community members to join us in this critical, life-saving campaign. For information on the next blood drive happening at your Remington College campus, visit our Community website, and click the 3 Lives link.