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  • Remington College Online Continuing Education Courses


    Remington College is proud to offer over a hundred affordable Online Courses. Whether you're looking to enter a new occupational field or advance in your current career, our continuing education catalog can help you develop new personal and professional skills. [1] 
    Online Courses are available to start at any time, and range from three to six months. These comprehensive online courses allow students the flexibility to work whenever and wherever is most convenient. Courses include lessons, quizzes, and a discussion area. You decide if you want the self- paced courses or if you would rather have instructor led courses.
    While programs are Web-based, every course is overseen by a dedicated instructor, who is available to promptly answer questions, provide feedback, and facilitate discussions. Remington College is pleased to offer our students these convenient, affordable, accessible online courses. 
    Online Continuing Education Courses are not included in the scope of Remington College's ACCSC institutional accreditation.

    To learn more, visit our online catalog here. 

    Frequently Asked Questions about Continuing Education


    1. What is continuing education?
      Continuing education consists of courses, seminars, webinars or any other education program designed to educate an individual and give him or her the new skills and knowledge they may need for their line of work. 

    2. Who can take continuing education courses?
      Continuing education courses are open to the public. 

    3. If I am a current Remington College student, can I take the courses?
      Yes, Remington College students may take continuing education courses. However, it is strongly recommended that Remington College students complete their program of study and then if still interested take any continuing education courses afterwards

    4. How can the courses be accessed?
      The courses can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere with an Internet connection.

    5. How much does each course cost?
      The cost of each course is listed on the continuing education website    . The Continuing Education online courses are cash pay. We do not offer Financial Aid for these courses. 

    6. I am having trouble logging in, who do I contact?
      Bonnie Delashmit at     

    [1] Employment not guaranteed for students or graduates.