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    Would you like to enter or advance within a business career? Earn an Associate's Degree in Business Administration...

    A career in a professional business environment can seem like a dream come true after working long hours on your feet, behind a counter. But for employees who want to trade their name tags for desks, the transition may seem all but impossible.(1) 

    The Business Administration degree program at Remington College was created with these challenges in mind. Call or request more information. 


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    Who should pursue a Business Office Management career?

    A career in Business Office Management or office administration means using your organizational, communication, and leadership skills in an environment that provides the opportunity to utilize these abilities.


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    Business Office Management - A Curriculum That Means Business

    The Business Office Management associate’s degree program is designed to train students in the fundamental courses needed to learn how to make businesses run efficiently.


    Campus Locations Map

    Business Office Management Degree Campus Locations

    Remington College's associate's degree in Business Office Management is available at the following campuses:
    Houston (Greenspoint), and Houston (Westchase).

    What opportunities are available to Business Office Management graduates?

    Once your foot is in the door, it may also seem difficult to be considered for advancement without a formal education. But finding the spare time to pursue a degree while continuing to earn a living during business hours may be difficult, at best.

    The Business Office Management degree program at Remington College was created with these challenges in mind. Our hands-on training, opportunities for personalized attention from instructors, and a fundamental business administration curriculum may be the key many students need to help them unlock an array of business and office administration career opportunities.(1) 

    Office administration training and coursework focuses on: 

    • Basic functions of accounting, spreadsheets and data processing
    • Fundamentals of collecting, analyzing and summarizing financial data
    • Relevant computer programs and software, including common Microsoft Office programs

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    Why pursue Business Office Management training at Remington College?

    The Business Office Management program covers important elements of business administration management. The world of business is shifting to reward streamlined efficiency, and job candidates with a wider range of business skills may have a competitive advantage.(2) 

    The benefits of earning a Business Office Management degree with Remington College include:  

    • Day or evening classes available at select locations can make it easier for students to fit business office administration training into their existing schedules.
    • A personalized approach to course material emphasizes the development of practical business skills to translate knowledge into administrative experience.
    • Smaller class sizes provide opportunities for one-on-one interaction with instructors who have real-world experience in business office administration.

    Start working toward an education that may take your career to an administrative level.(1) 

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    Business Associate's Degree Designed to Prepare Students for Wide Range of Entry-Level Business Administration Jobs(1)

    This program is designed to help prepare students with the basic skills required for a wide range of entry-level business administration jobs or positions, including business office manager, executive assistant, or administrative assistant, to name a few.(1) 

    Upon graduation, Business Office Management students should be prepared to pursue entry-level positions with employers in federal, state and local government agencies, health care companies, finance and insurance companies, and more.(1) 

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), professional office jobs are expected to grow from 11% (for secretaries and administrative assistants) to 15% (for receptionists and information clerks) from 2008 through 2018.(2)(3) Competition will be strong and opportunities will likely favor those who stay educated in technology and business skills.(4) 

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    Business Office Management School Locations

    Remington College's Business Office Management Associate's Degree program is available at the following campus locations:

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    (1)Employment after graduation not guaranteed.
    (2)United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS),