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  • Culinary Arts Curriculum—A Recipe for Success

    From food preparation techniques to basic and advanced culinary skills, the in our Culinary Arts Associate’s Degree program curriculum covers a wide range of culinary concepts.

    Topics include food service nutrition, kitchen essentials, culinary operations, foundations of cooking, techniques and skills of a garde manger, and more.

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  • Culinary Arts Courses

    Students enjoy the in-house training they receive in our modern, commercial kitchen filled with professional culinary tools and equipment. At the same time, you receive professional instruction from chefs who provide personal attention.

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    Culinary Arts Associate or Lower-Level Core Curriculum

    CA101 Kitchen Essentials
    CA102 Discoveries with Food and Cooking
    CA103 Essence of Service
    CA104 Culinary Operations I
    CA105 Culinary Operations II
    CA106 Foundations of Cooking I
    CA111 Food Service Nutrition
    CA112 The Human Element and the Hospitality Industry
    CA201 Introduction to Bakeshop
    CA202 Techniques and Skills of Garde Manger
    CA203 Foundations of Cooking II
    CA300 Kitchen and Dining Room Lab 

    Associate or Lower-Level General Education

    GE1116 Introduction to Psychology
    GE1216 Speech Communication
    GE1316 College Algebra
    GE1416 English Composition

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    Curriculum may vary by campus location. Courses listed are not guaranteed. Contact your local campus for course availability.
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    (2) Program completion times may vary based on individual results/circumstances.

    (3) Employment upon graduation not guaranteed.

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