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  • Electronics Tech School

    Take a Hands-On Approach to Electronic Technology Training

    Do you like working with your hands? Are you interested in learning what makes electronic and computerized gadgets work? Do you enjoy taking apart and rebuilding electronic devices?

    If you answered yes, consider earning your college diploma in Electronic Technology – a hands-on electronics technician program focused on digital electronics, computer hardware, cables and wiring, electrical systems, and mechanical components.

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    Electronics Technician Career Training

    Who should consider an education in Electronics Technology?

    As businesses and individuals increasingly rely on technology in their everyday life, electronics technicians and computer specialists may be needed to keep devices running smoothly.


    Electrician Tech Classes

    A Hands-On, Practical Approach to Learning Electronic Technology

    Our 12-month(1) Electronic Technology Diploma Program enables students to engage in hands-on laboratory experiences and computerized simulations.


    Find Electronic Technology Programs near you!

    Find an Electronic Technology Program Near You

    Remington College's Electronic Technology Program is available at the following campuses: Cleveland, Houston, Lafayette and Shreveport.

    Study Key Topics in Our Electronics Technician School

    Offering a blend of theory and hands-on experiences, our Electronic Technology diploma program helps to get you ready for entry-level positions in electronic communications, service technology, and computer-related fields.(1)

    Our program lets you engage in several hands-on laboratory experiences and computerized simulations so that you’re prepared for your chosen career in electronics technology.(1)

    Electronic technology class equipment may include computers, various testers, trainers, oscilloscopes, Programmable Logic Controller trainers, and various electronic supplies.

    Our electronics technician school diploma program covers these important areas: 

    • Cables and cabling/wiring
    • Computer hardware and software
    • Digital electronics (flip-flops, counters, registers, logic circuits, and more)
    • Electrical and mechanical components of motors and controllers
    • Fundamentals of alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) electricity and circuits
    • Intel 8051 microcontroller architecture, programming, and function
    • Low-voltage electrical systems and solid-state devices (diodes, transistors, amplifiers, and more)
    • Residential networks/systems integration

    Remington College's Electronic Technology Program is available at the following campuses: Cleveland, OH; Houston, TX (West Chase); Lafayette, LA and Shreveport, LA.

    For Disclosures of Tuition Costs, On Time Graduation Rates, Median Loan Debt, Placement Rates and Occupational Information, click on the Disclosures Tab on this webpage. 

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    What Will You Do in Electronic Technology School?

    When you begin the Electronic Technology diploma program, you’ll get an electronics kit, included in the cost of your tuition and valued at $250, to use both in class and outside of your classroom studies. The kit features a multi-meter, breadboard, power supplies, and a function generator.

    During class, you’ll have access to computer labs, microwaves, and robotics – and your instructors will show you how they work, how to take them apart, and how to put them back together.

    In fact, by the time you complete our electronics technician training program, you’ll have taken part in building a piece of equipment, like a digital clock or a similar electronic or computerized component, from scratch!

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    Open the Door to a World of Possibilities with Electronic Technician Training

    The world of electronics is continually evolving, offering an increasing number of opportunities for trained electronic technicians.(1)(2)

    Remington College‘s Electronic Technology diploma program is designed to provide you with diverse training in basic electronics technology so that you can qualify for a variety of entry-level electronics technology jobs.(1)

    Potential job titles with a diploma in electronic technology include:(1) 

    • Computer service technician
    • Electronic laboratory technician
    • Installation technician
    • Electronic technician in communications, instrumentation, digital, and computer electronics companies

    If you’re in search of an electronics and computer training program that offers you real-world training delivered by instructors who understand the job and know what area employers are looking for, look no further!

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    Electronics Technician Schools

    Our Electronics Technology diploma program is available at four Remington College campus locations. Select a campus below to learn details about the program nearest you:

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    (1)Employment upon graduation not guaranteed.
    (2) BLS statistics represent national job growth expectations and are not necessarily reflective of local market conditions.