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  • Nashville, Tennessee's Adopt Our School Winner

    Congratulations Holloway High School!

    The votes are in and Holloway High School will receive $2,000 to help with graduation costs from Remington College - Nashville Campus.

    Holloway High School received the most votes in Remington College's Adopt Our School program for the Nashville area, an effort by Remington College to assist local public schools with up to $2,000 worth of school supplies and other needs.

    The staff at Holloway High School will use the money to solve a graduation dilemma that they have been facing. The school booked Middle Tennessee State's Murphy Center for their Graduation Ceremony with the hope that it would be able to raise the funds to cover the expense.

    The Adopt Our School award means that Holloway High School can pay the $1200 venue fee, as well as $350 for graduation programs, $200 worth of flowers for a rose ceremony and $250 for a senior breakfast. On May 21, 2010, Larry Collins from Remington College - Nashville Campus presented a check for $2,000 to Principal Jason Bridgeman.

    'Remington College's Adopt Our School Program was extremely beneficial for Holloway High School. This program has allowed Holloway to continue several long standing traditions with our graduating seniors.'

    'This school year our primary sponsor had to withdraw support due to the economic situations, and our program may have suffered had it not been for Remington College. We truly appreciate the needed support and look forward to sending some of our graduates to Remington in the near future.'