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  • Medical Assisting Program at Baton Rouge College Holds Bake-Off to Benefit CAFVIC

    On November 8, 2010, Medical Assisting program instructor Janis Mann held a bake-off at our Baton Rouge College, followed by a bake sale, to raise funds in support of the local battered women's program at the Capital Area Family Violence Intervention Center (CAFVIC).

    To garner interest and participation in the bake-off and bake sale, flyers were placed around the Campus, and a friendly competition began between the all Remington College instructors and students.

    What Does It Take to Win a Bake-Off in Baton Rouge?

    The bake-off was judged by Baton Rouge Campus Registrar Carolyn Deloch; Local Technology Coordinator Patricia Hebert; and Student Finance Associate Kisha Stewart.

    Judges awarded first place to a blackberry wine cake contributed by Campus Librarian John Sallinger. Second place went to a lemon cream cheese cake with an apricot pineapple glaze, contributed by LaShawn Blanchard from the Business Office Management program. Third place was awarded to a fruit tart contributed by Katrina Bradford from the Pharmacy Technician program.

    Students and staff showed their spirited support by baking, purchasing, and gobbling up the freshly baked goods. A total of $175 was raised, and proceeds were presented to Alicia Murphy, Director of Development for the CAFVIC, by Ms. Mann.

    How Did the CAFVIC Bake-Off Event Benefit Remington College Students?

    Ms. Mann reflected on the importance of the bake-off. "Some of our students have experienced abusive relationships," she said, adding, "Our goal is to open this door of assistance for them, or perhaps someone they know."

    Campus Librarian Amanda Arnold commented, "The bake-off demonstrated to students how easy it is to help victims of domestic violence - even in a small way."

    Ms. Arnold hopes our students know that situations of domestic violence are not normal and do not have to continue, and she credited the CAFVIC as a great place of refuge, safety, assistance, and care.

    Student Cheryl Morovich stated, "The fundraiser made me think about domestic violence and realize that there are facilities out there which really do help women and that these individuals can use the extra support from others when they are facing these struggles."

    Medical Billing and Coding instructor Mrs. Donna Cleveland noted, "Because we have students at our campus who have been helped by the CAFVIC, we've formed a bond with the organization."

    Ms. Mann and Mrs. Cleveland hope to organize another bake sale in the near future, and are even considering holding one per quarter.