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  • Baton Rouge Criminal Justice College Students Get Crime Scene Demonstration

    East Baton Rouge Crime Scene Officers Talk Shop with Criminal Justice Students at Baton Rouge Campus

    "This was one of the most informative demos I have ever attended. I will remember it for years to come." - Heather Revelle

    "It makes me feel good knowing that the things I am learning are being used every day to save lives and solve crimes." - Henry Ruffin

    "I've read and watched on TV several times about the collection of evidence from a crime scene, but to actually see it in person was a lifetime experience." - Rebecca Reagles

    That's just a small sampling of our Criminal Justice degree students' reactions to a recent visit from Captain K. Kwan and Lieutenant A. Boudier.

    Captain Kwan is the commander of the East Baton Rouge Parish Crime Scene Unit, and Lieutenant Boudier is a supervisor in that unit. The officers presented a wealth of information to students in the school's Criminal Justice program at Baton Rouge.

    Coordinated by Criminal Justice instructor James Freeman, the event gave our students the opportunity to broaden their awareness about their field of study.

    The two officers set up and displayed a variety of instruments, tools, and equipment used in their day-to-day job duties., including fuming chambers, digital cameras, scanners, high-tech fluorescent lights, and two well-equipped crime scene vehicles. They also demonstrated several crime scene procedures, including dusting and fuming for fingerprints and detecting body fluids using an ultraviolet light source.

    Students were given the opportunity to ask questions and gain useful information about the field and the related activities involved with crime scene investigations.

    "Judging by our students' comments, this event was a total success, and the students really appreciated the opportunity to learn from and interact with the two officers," said Mr. Freeman.