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  • Associate's in Computer Networking and Administration

    Baton Rouge - Campus

    We are not currently accepting new Computer Networking and Administration enrollments at the Remington College Baton Rouge location.

    Remington College's Computer and Network Administration associate's degree program has been offering hands-on computer training in Baton Rouge since 2006.

    We've combined real-world information technology (IT) equipment with experienced computer technician instructors to produce a program that is responsive to the IT needs of businesses in the Greater Baton Rouge area. Regular feedback from Baton Rouge industry professionals helps to ensure that we stay in touch with local IT needs.

    Call or request information to learn more about our Computer and Network Administration Degree.

    Remington College - Baton Rouge Campus 

    Our program offers up to five certifications in Microsoft (MOAC) and two in CompTIA, and your first try at each certification exam is at no cost to you!

    Because our college is a Microsoft IT Academy member, you have access to the e-academy License Management System (ELMS) program, which allows you to download various desktop and server operating systems and other Microsoft software for training purposes at your convenience.

    But you don't have to rely solely on simulation software and virtual environments for your computer training.

    • More than 30 PCs on Campus facilitate your hands-on training and practice in software installation and troubleshooting.
    • Several dedicated servers are also available to help you learn first-hand how to install, configure, and administer an IT network.
    • Our classrooms are also equipped with eight Cisco routers and switches - the same types as are commonly used in the industry.

    See and Hear From Professionals in the Computer Networking Field

    As a Computer and Network Administration degree student at our college in Baton Rouge, you can also learn from, talk to, and network with frequent guest speakers, all of whom are professionals in the IT field.

    Computer networking guests speak on relevant industry topics such as:

    • Computer hacking
    • Fraud prevention
    • Customer service
    • Troubleshooting skills
    • Tips for establishing networks
    • And more

    Many of our graduates also periodically visit our computer schoolin Baton Rouge to speak with our current students, including one graduate who recently opened his own IT consulting service.

    Contact Remington College today for more details about our computer school training in Baton Rouge - and how you can qualify to earn up to five Microsoft certifications, or up to seven professional and industry-recognized certifications total, with the additional two CompTIA!(1)