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  • Who should pursue a Career in Business Administration?

    If you are organized and can take charge of a situation, you may be able to use your skills to have a career in business administration.(1)

    It may help to be organized, tech-savvy, and willing to communicate with clients and fellow workers alike. In some organizations, administrative assistants may work in teams, sharing the workload and their knowledge as they complete tasks together.

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    What are some potential career options for entry-level Business Administration graduates?

    Graduates with degrees in Business Administration may qualify for entry-level roles like:(1)

    • Administrative Assistant: Perform routine administrative tasks like drafting emails and letters, producing presentations and reports, scheduling appointments, handling phone calls, and more.(2)
    • Office Support Specialist: Perform standard duties in support of the office, like creating and maintaining paper and electronic filing systems, managing databases, managing supply rooms, and more.

    What's the career outlook in the Business Administration field?

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), overall employment of administrative assistants is projected to grow 3 percent from 2014 to 2024. For the same time period, career opportunities for office and administrative support occupations are expected to grow 10 percent.(3) Opportunities should be best for applicants with expertise in computer software applications.(1,2)

    As individuals broaden their knowledge of a company's operations and gain experience, they may also go on to specialize in a particular business area or take on roles with increased responsibility, like executive assistant or office manager.(1,2)

    What training and skills can help you prepare for a career in Business Administration?

    Business administration personnel like administrative assistants will continue to play a key role in most organizations, handling key tasks such as planning meetings, working with clients, and instructing staff.(2)

    Good interpersonal, organizational, and communication skills can help you in this field, along with solid knowledge of software applications like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel.(1) Our associate degree program at Remington College is designed to prepare you with all of these key skills needed for success.