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  • Entry-Level Management Career Outlook

    A Bachelor Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management from Remington College may help prepare you for a range of entry-level management roles.(1)

    What types of industries typically hire business administration graduates with a concentration in management? The possibilities are varied and diverse, ranging from industries such as banking, finance, insurance, government, health care, and numerous others.

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    Opportunities for first-level management roles may be best for those who have some industry experience coupled with the drive to succeed. A business degree from Remington College with a management focus may represent a solid start in demonstrating your level of preparation, commitment, and dedication to potential employers.

    Growth and Competition Expected for Managerial Roles

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, growth is expected across most business management roles through 2022; however, the competition for business management jobs may be vigorous.(2) Therefore, strong teamwork, problem-solving, leadership, and communication skills may help you stand out, along with your level of determination, loyalty, poise, and confidence.(2)

    Potential employers may also look for specific supervisory attributes such as your attention to detail, level of efficiency in organizing and coordinating work, ability to set priorities, and how well you can work with and motivate others.(2)

    To qualify for business management jobs, you may also need a broad base of office technology skills and a good working knowledge of computer software, coupled with a flexible attitude to adapt to changing priorities and any changes in organizational structure as they occur.(2)

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