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  • Business Planning Consultant Advises Mobile Cosmetology Students to "Begin with the End in Mind"

    How many of us wish that, when we were in school, someone challenged us to begin our careers with the end (that is, with retirement) in mind? Imagine how differently we would have made some of our decisions, especially around spending and saving.

    Our Cosmetology students at Remington College in Mobile recently got a chance to hear that perspective and take away some valuable insights, courtesy of guest speaker LaKesha Womack.

    Ms. Womack is an author, blogger, business consultant, speaker, and radio show host. She addresses lifestyle, relationship, and business topics with the goal of helping her listeners develop personally, professionally, and spiritually.

    Business Planning Meets Beauty Training

    On Thursday, August 18, 2011, Ms. Womack visited our Mobile Campus to talk to our Cosmetology students about business and financial planning.

    Cosmetology Instructor Tina Rankins invited Ms. Womack to address her class. "I was teaching a business module covering résumé development, employment, and interviewing, and I knew she would be perfect to help my students dig deeper into this awesome field they have chosen. She is my business consultant, and I've attended many of her classes, including a two-day Business Bootcamp in Atlanta, Georgia. I know what LaKesha has done for me and my career, and I wanted to share that with my students," said Ms. Rankins.

    In blogging about her Remington College visit, Ms. Womack recapped the basis for her presentation: "Many cosmetologists, whether they go to work in a salon or open their own business, must master the entrepreneurial mindset, because the majority of them will not have a company providing benefits such as insurance and retirement plans for them…. As an entrepreneur or someone wanting to become an entrepreneur, have you considered how much money you need to be making and saving in order to retire at some point?"

    Cosmetology Students Comment on Ms. Womack's Presentation:

    "As a person wanting to go into business for myself, I got a lot of useful information from her. Telling us about herself and her life experiences really let you know that you can accomplish anything with hard work and dedication. For anyone who has a chance to meet her and listen to her, I would implore you to do so."
    - Cosmetology Student Melinda Burke

    "I really enjoyed Ms. Womack's visit. She was very thorough in all she explained. I also had the opportunity to perform services on her while she was here. In that time, I was able to speak with her one-on-one. She is a phenomenal lady and very successful at a young age. I consider myself a privileged student to have been able to hear her speak at Remington!"
    - Cosmetology Student Natalie Freeman

    "Wow! What a great person to have had come present to us! Her presentation on business planning was really informative and well thought out. I think this experience should be a part of the curriculum here in Mobile. It fit in with what we were learning, and she added the 'real-life' experience to it. I plan to keep in contact with her as I plan my own salon business."
    - Cosmetology Student Sherilyn LaJeunesse

    After the event, Ms. Womack got to enjoy the fruits of our skills training first-hand when she received styling services from a few of our Cosmetology students. "I would like to extend an extra special thank you to the students for spending the afternoon pampering me," she said.

    For more about LaKesha Womack, visit her blog at: