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  • Remington College Admissions

    Remington College Admissions

    If you’re thinking about your next steps and which career options you might want to pursue, Remington College would like to help.

    What’s your current situation? What interests you in terms of a future career? What do you think your strengths are? What are your goals in life? Remington College admissions reps are ready to talk with you and uncover the possibilities.

    Call or request information to learn more about admission to Remington College. 

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Admission to Remington College

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    (1) If the credits being transferred are semester credit hours, then they will be converted into quarter hours at the rate of one semester credit hour equals one and one-half quarter credit hours. No more than 50% of a degree program’s total required credit hours to graduate may be fulfilled with transfer credits, unless the transfer of credit is from one Remington College campus to another, in which case more than 50% may be transferred. Certain state regulations may restrict the number of credit hours that may be transferred into certain programs.

    (2) Tuition of our online programs are not all-inclusive, see an admissions representative for more details.

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