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  • Remington College Admissions

    Remington College Admissions

    If you’re thinking about your next steps and which career options you might want to pursue, Remington College would like to help.

    What’s your current situation? What interests you in terms of a future career? What do you think your strengths are? What are your goals in life? Remington College admissions reps are ready to talk with you and uncover the possibilities.

    Call or request information to learn more about admission to Remington College. 

  • Why Should You Consider Remington College?

    Since we began operations in 1985, our focus has been on you – the student – and your community. At the campus level, our aim is to offer the kind of training that’s in demand by employers in your area. Our goal has always been to provide you with a quality education and practical career skills. Doing that, we believe, offers you the best chance for employment in your local job market.

    Remington College is a Non-Profit College and admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin.

    And investing in your education may do even more than provide new skills and help you find a job. It also offers the potential for career advancement, increased earnings, greater job satisfaction, enhanced personal fulfillment, and true independence. Simply put, it may give you a solid chance at a better future.

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    Here’s our approach:

    • Our class sizes are relatively small, with typically fewer than 25 students per class. We feel that this may enable you to have more one-on-one time with your instructors.
    • We offer day and evening classes to accommodate your busy schedule, because we know that you’ll likely be juggling work, home, and school for a chance to earn your degree or diploma.
    • The majority of our students apply for financial assistance, so our Student Finance team can help you find the financing options that will work best for you.(1) 
    • Our classroom labs give you a chance to spend time in a hands-on learning environment. We believe that most of us learn best by doing. So in addition to providing theory and lecture, we give you a chance to practice what you’ve learned so you can really work on developing your skills.
    • Some of our programs include an externship, which offers you a great opportunity for on-the-job training so that you can experience the actual job setting, begin to feel comfortable doing the job you’ve trained for, and make valuable contacts with people currently working in your field.
    • Of course, our instructors have the required educational credentials enhanced by real experience. And they’re available to consult with you and provide guidance and advice when you need it.
    • As you near graduation, our Career Services team can help you develop your résumé, write cover letters, prepare for interviews, and search for jobs. They can also work with you if you need a part-time job while attending school.

    Contact our admissions reps today to see what Remington College’s career training programs may offer you.

    From college to career, your growth, development, and success remain our greatest reward.

    Click here to see our Nondiscrimination Policy.  


    (1) Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

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