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  • Remington College Admissions

    Remington College Admissions

    If you’re thinking about your next steps and which career options you might want to pursue, Remington College would like to help.

    What’s your current situation? What interests you in terms of a future career? What do you think your strengths are? What are your goals in life? Remington College admissions reps are ready to talk with you and uncover the possibilities.

    Call or request information to learn more about admission to Remington College. 

  • Information for Parents of High School Students
    Considering Remington College

    As the parent or guardian of a soon-to-be high school graduate, you’ve probably been talking with your teenager about the future and some of the educational options he or she may be considering after graduation. Like a number of high school seniors, however, your son or daughter may not be all that sure about what kind of educational or career path to pursue. Perhaps the choices may depend in part on the current financial situation at home.

    What Remington College Can Offer You 

    The College realizes that helping you gain a better understanding of the financial aid(1) process is critically important. So we’ve produced an easy-to-understand DVD to help your family understand how financial aid works, what the application process involves, and what financing options are available. You’ll view it together with your son or daughter at your in-person meeting with us – and we’ll give it to you to take home, watch again, and share with others. (By the way: We think you’ll be interested to know that our tuition(2) includes all books, equipment, and uniforms, and that more than 80 percent of our students do qualify for financial aid.) Additionally, we’ll present you with a customized "Estimated Award Letter," which uses a pie chart and color coding to make it easier for you and your family to understand the available financing options and funding limits at a glance.

    We Don't Stop There!  

    During your meeting with us, we’ll explain our admission standards and review our enrollment form with you. You’ll also have the chance to tour the Campus facilities. We’ll explain our college programs in detail, and you’ll hear about our small class sizes, day and evening classes, and online course availability. We’ll also talk to you about the externship opportunities available in certain programs and how they can offer your young adult some valuable on-the-job training. And you’ll discover how, through career fairs, field trips, and one-on-one help with employment applications, résumés, and interviewing tips, we can prepare your soon-to-be graduate for job interviews and the “real world” that awaits after college.

    Call the high school admissions representative at the local Remington College campus today, and discover for yourself our level of commitment to your young adult’s future success. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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    (1) Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

    (2) Books are not included in the tuition of programs offered online.

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