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  • What Can Career Services Do for You?

    Remington College's Career Services Representatives are teachers, too.

    We believe in our students and their futures. And we're easy to find and talk to at every Campus. As a student at Remington College, Career Services will be with you all the way from college classes, to graduation, to your potential first job in your industry, and beyond!(1)

    Call or request information to get started today!

    We're Your Coach and Counselor.

    We help you get ready to speak to potential employers by teaching you:

    • How to create your résumé and tailor it to the jobs you're applying for.
    • How to respond to interview questions.
    • How to ask great questions during an interview.
    • How to keep your cool under interview pressure.

    We're Your Image Consultant.

    We help you get ready to make a positive first impression on potential employers by giving you:

    • Ideas about what to wear - and what not to wear - to each job interview.
    • General pointers on appearance and attitude.

    Some locations even have an on-Campus boutique to help you choose an interview outfit!

    We're Your Cheerleader.

    We get to know what local businesses are looking for, because we talk to them. It's our job to help spread the word to potential employers about you and your skills!

    Our relationships with business leaders and hiring managers are created with one key thing in mind: to help you reap the potential rewards.(1)

    We're Your Mentor.

    We stay in touch with local business leaders:

    • To invite them to our Campus as guest speakers or for job fairs.
    • To set up interviews for you.
    • To follow up on job openings that may be right for you.

    We're in touch with you to offer complimentary and continued coaching and guidance for as long as you wish.