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  • In the Checkout Line: Candy, Magazines - and Remington College?

    Contributed by Joy Cornwell, Campus Librarian

    The first day of class brought an unexpected surprise for Medical Assisting with X-Ray (MA-X) student Celina Haynie. "I looked up, and there was this somewhat familiar face who said, 'You don't remember me, do you?' I was shocked when I discovered it was the woman from the Walmart checkout line," said Celina.

    Just a few short weeks before Kelly Hunt became a Remington College - Fort Worth Campus Medical Assistant with X-Ray student, she was in that long checkout line and took advantage of the wait time to begin chatting with the woman in front of her, Celina. "Celina was wearing scrubs, and I noticed they said Remington College on them. I just asked her if she worked at a hospital or went to school around here," said Kelly.

    The two ladies quickly struck up a conversation that turned into a sales pitch from Celina on why Kelly should attend Remington College. "I knew I was going to attend school, but I was indecisive as to where to go and what program to choose. I had already looked at several vocational schools for dental and medical assisting, and I was still unsure," said Kelly.

    As the checkout line became shorter, Celina expressed to Kelly why she chose Remington College over other schools and why she thought it would be the best choice for her. Celina said, "The teachers are great, and everyone you meet is so supportive, from the first day of class, to taking your certification exams, and finally getting assigned on your externship. I love the feeling I get when I come to school every day."

    Celina continued, "I told Kelly that Remington was hard, and it wasn't a 'fluff' school. Remington opens doors and allows you to utilize all of your options before making a final decision on a program of study."

    When the checkout line cleared and their transactions were complete, Kelly and Celina parted ways: Celina with her diapers and formula, and Kelly with her dog food. "I didn't wait long after that," said Kelly, "I called Remington College first thing on Monday morning and came in that same day to meet with an Admissions Representative."

    Both ladies were reunited in their shared diploma program: Medical Assisting with X-Ray Tech (Limited Scope) and EKG. Celina summed it up nicely by saying, "We picked up right where we left off. Only this time, Kelly and I were both wearing scrubs!"