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  • ASSOCIATE in Criminal Justice Remington College - Cleveland

    If you're researching colleges from which to earn your criminal justice associate degree, consider the career-focused educational program at the Remington College - Cleveland campus.

    The program offers an introduction to the field of criminal justice and is designed to help students understand how they may impact their communities as potential criminal justice professionals.(1)

    Call or request information to learn more about our Cleveland Criminal Justice school.

    Hands-On Cleveland Criminal Justice Training

    The critical elements of criminal justice intersect in the coursework and projects: criminology; victimology; policing; security; crime scene investigation; evidence processing; forensics; juvenile justice; constitutional and criminal law; and more.

    Instructors with backgrounds in criminal justice fields - like border patrol, corrections and law - engage students in various ways, from online forums to special speakers. Most importantly, students can practice the skills they learn in our criminal justice lab.

    For example, as a criminal justice student at our Cleveland campus, you may experiment with blood spatter detection as part of the crime scene investigation curriculum; you will also have opportunities to participate in a mock trial while learning about criminal prosecution.

    Learn the Cleveland Criminal Justice System

    To help you see and understand how you criminal justice career training could apply in the real world, our Cleveland campus takes advantage of relationships with the local criminal justice community. We regularly host special speakers from local organizations and agencies, including:

    • Cleveland-area police officers
    • Private security firm executives
    • A canine search & rescue team
    • A computer forensic specialist
    • And other informative professionals

    We also host field trips and educational tours to destinations like the Cuyahoga County jails, Ohio state prisons, the Cuyahoga County coroner's office, trial and appellate courts, etc.

    Come Grow With Us At Our Cleveland Campus

    If you are seeking professional preparation and new career possibilities, our Cleveland criminal justice school is proud to offer an associate degree program that may be able to help you get started in less time than you think. Contact us today for more information about our Criminal Justice degree program.