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  • Electronics Technology

    Remington College - Cleveland Electronics Technology Diploma

    Helping Cleveland-area college students learn the basics of electronics and computer technology and build real-world career skills: That's been Remington College's goal since we launched our electronics training program at Cleveland in February 2008.(1)

    Our Electronic Technology diploma program features the current software and hardware tools of the trade and includes a fully equipped electronics kit you can use to develop you hands-on proficiency in and out of the classroom.

    Call or request information to learn more about our Cleveland electronics technician school.

    Electronics Technology Program Overview

    Two classrooms are dedicated to our Electronic Technology classes and hands-on labs in Cleveland, along with multiple computers and easy access to on-Campus library resources.

    Electronics school resources include:

    • Software tools such as Proto Labs, BASIC Stamp, LabVIEW and Spice.
    • Hardware tools such as Stamp and 8051 Assembly Language.

    The electronics kit is an analog/digital trainer included in the cost of tuition and contains:

    • A multimeter.
    • A scientific calculator.
    • Breadboards.
    • Indicators.
    • Logic switches.
    • A signal generator with which you can build prototypes.
    • A triple-output power supply, along with adjustable variable-output voltages.
    • LEDs so you can display output states.
    • And so much more!

    As a student in our Cleveland electronics technician school, you'll get the tools, training, and support you need to build your skills and readiness for the field of electronics. You'll also have opportunities to hear from and network with potential electronics technology employers in the greater Cleveland area.(1)

    Careers in Electronics Technology

    Our Cleveland Electronic Technology program currently has several graduates working throughout the city of Cleveland in the field of electronics and computer technology.(1)

    The Campus has even had some graduates return to serve as members of our Program Advisory Board, a group of local in-field experts who regularly review our program and provide feedback about program objectives, course content, facilities and equipment, employment outlook, and more. This helps our Cleveland Campusstay in touch with current employer needs and make sure that our training meets or exceeds those needs.

    If you'd like to get started on your way toward pursuing entry-level electronics technician positions in fields like communications, instrumentation, or digital electronics, and more, call or visit our Cleveland Campus today.(1)