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  • HVAC Technician Training

    Cleveland Campus

    Career-focused training in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is within easy reach if you’re in Lorain, Medina, or Cuyahoga County!(1) Remington College in Cleveland offers an HVAC diploma program that can complete in as few as 12 months. Pursue a college-level HVAC education and earn the EPA certifications that prospective employers value.(1,2)

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    Remington College - Cleveland campus HVAC Technician Program Overview

    Subjects of study in our HVAC school include the inner workings of automated and motor controls, ventilation and refrigeration systems, air conditioning systems, domestic appliances, heat pumps, hydronic heating systems, and more.

    Training Equipment and Labs

    Training equipment and simulators available to students in our Cleveland HVAC school program labs include:

    • A/C water-cooled trainers
    • Heating and A/C electrical wiring trainers
    • Refrigeration system trainers
    • Multi-zone building energy management trainers
    • Regular and advanced heat pump trainers
    • Compressor fault simulators
    • Cooling tower demonstrators
    • And more!

    Our curriculum follows the National Skill Standards for HVAC technicians and helps you prepare for your Type I, II, III, and Universal EPA certification testing.(2,3)

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