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  • 2011's Allied 9Health Fair at Colorado Springs Campus Is a Record-Smashing Success

    Contributed by Department Chair Grace Trujillo

    With the help of many volunteers from the community and multiple Allied Health graduates and current students, Remington College - Colorado Springs Campus has just completed its fourth successful 9Health Fair, held on-site at the College on April 18.

    This year, the Campus had an impressive 37 percent increase in the number of people to whom they were able to provide services. Most of the screenings were free, with a minimal cost for blood screenings, colorectal cancer screenings, and Vitamin D screenings.

    During the five-hour fair, our Campus participants performed more than 250 blood draws, along with the following free screenings:

    • Bone density tests
    • Body mass index (BMI) tests
    • Body in balance (physical therapy) assessments
    • Vision exams
    • Hearing tests
    • Sleep studies
    • Foot screenings
    • "Ask a pharmacist" sessions
    • "Ask a medical professional" sessions
    • Rheumatoid arthritis screenings
    • Finger sticks
    • EKGs and online cardiac assessments

    Colorado Springs Allied Health Department Chair Grace Trujillo organizes these fairs at various venues locally each year. She had this to say about our students' experiences at these events: "These fairs represent great opportunities for our allied health students to interact with health care professionals, talk to the public, and get valuable hands-on practice in basic health care screening and testing."

    Ms. Trujillo added, "The screenings we offer have uncovered conditions that may have otherwise been missed because participants have no or minimal insurance coverage, which may keep them from having the screenings done. Because of this, the 9Health Fair has saved many lives over the years, and we're delighted to have completed another year of active participation in such a worthwhile effort."