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  • Colorado Springs College Reaps Benefits from Membership in Professional HealthCare Association

    Remington College - Colorado Spring Campus is seeing important benefits from its membership in the local Pike's Peak Chapter of PAHCOM, thanks to Allied Health Chair Grace Trujillo's active involvement in that local chapter.

    What Is PAHCOM?

    PAHCOM stands for Professional Association of Health Care Office Management. This national organization provides support for small-group and solo physician practice managers, along with opportunities for professional growth. Membership in PAHCOM offers resources that basically help to improve efficiencies and profitability for its members' healthcare practices.

    How Does PAHCOM Benefit Our Colorado Springs HealthCare College Students?

    Ms. Trujillo believes that membership in the local PAHCOM chapter has been vital to the Campus and its Allied Health students and graduates. She commented, "I know each person on the board of directors of the Pike's Peak Chapter, and I've reached out to them for answers to questions that come up, be it from our faculty, Admissions team, Career Services team, or our students."

    "For instance, I'm able to reach out when I need to find an externship site or if I need to help a graduate or student with their job search. And in turn, the PAHCOM members contact me when they need information, want to fill a position, get their staff ready for certification, or need an extern."

    Ms. Trujillo added, "In fact, one of our student externs was just hired in a PAHCOM member's office. And one of our Admissions Reps, Jennifer Daniels, recently did a Campus tour for a potential student sent to us by that same PAHCOM member, because she has faith in the quality of the Medical Assisting graduates coming from our Campus."

    How Do PAHCOM Members Interact with Remington College in Colorado Springs?

    At the Colorado Springs Campus, PAHCOM members are on the Program Advisory Committee (PAC) board and attend PAC meetings, and they sit in on the Campus's Career Development "Employers' Panel" discussions, which occur on Campus regularly.

    The members on the panel advise our students about interviewing skills, mock interviews, hiring criteria, and market indicators, and they provide reality-check responses to hot-topic questions like"Will you hire me with my heavy metal jacket of piercings?" "Can I smoke if I work for you?" and "Can I use my cell phone while I'm working in your office?"

    Summing up the Remington College/PAHCOM connection at Colorado Springs, Ms. Trujillo noted, "I believe that the relationship I've developed with my PAHCOM office managers has been a 'win-win' for our local allied health market and has been a great benefit to our students and graduates, too."

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