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  • Shreveport College Kicks Off Community Service Event in Honor of Constitution Month

    Contributed by Kristi Kohl, Campus Librarian

    In keeping with the theme of Constitution Month, and with the date for Louisiana's state elections quickly approaching, our Remington College - Shreveport Campus hosted a pep rally on September 22, 2011.

    The event was designed to kick off the college's community service activity and help boost Campus and neighborhood participation in the upcoming October 22, 2011, Election Day vote.

    Grass Roots Effort by Shreveport College

    Under the leadership of Shreveport Criminal Justice Department Chair Mara Elliott, students from each of our campus programs are also participating in a door-to-door effort to encourage voter registration and get the message out about the importance of exercising our voting rights.

    Our students are volunteering two hours each Saturday before the election to encourage our neighboring Southern Hills Community residents to head to the polls. This activity not only helps to get the word out about the significance of our right to vote but also showcases our Shreveport college students and fosters community spirit.

    Campus President Jerry Driskill commented, "This is a great chance for our students to get involved in community service and get a better understanding of the importance of voting. The process will also expose them to the issues that are affecting their community."

    Louisiana State Senator Joins Pep Rally

    Louisiana State Senator Sherri Cheek was in attendance at our Shreveport Campus pep rally. After her visit, Senator Cheek sent a note of thanks: "Thank you for the enlightened tour at your College last week. Your Campus is very impressive, and your students' enthusiasm and success is abundant."

    Senator Cheek is scheduled to speak at the Remington College - Shreveport Campus graduation ceremony on November 11, 2011.