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  • School of Cosmetology at Remington College

    Cosmetology School Covers Skin Care, Hair Care and Nail Care

    Remington College’s Cosmetology Diploma Program is designed to develop your product knowledge, artistry, and skills so that you can help people look and feel their best.

    This cosmetology school program covers industry fundamentals and the basics of skin care, hair care, and nail care. No previous cosmetology college experience is necessary for program entry.

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  • Cosmetology Certificate Program

    Final regulations published in the Federal Register on October 29, 2010, by the U. S. Department of Education require Remington College to disclose the below information to prospective students concerning diploma programs designed to lead to gainful employment in a recognized occupation. The data disclosed below is calculated on a composite basis for the institution and all of its additional locations, and the data set forth in the "FINANCING" and "SUCCESS" sections may differ from the composite data if calculated separately by location.

    Remington College - Garland Campus (which includes locations of Baton Rouge, Cleveland, Columbia, Dallas (Garland), Fort Worth, Honolulu, Houston North (Greenspoint), Houston South (Webster), Houston West (West Chase) Lafayette, Little Rock, Memphis, Mobile, Nashville, Shreveport, and Tampa)




    How much will this program cost?



    Tuition and fees

    $19,900 (all locations except Baton Rouge, Garland, Houston West (West Chase) Houston (Webster), Houston (Greenspoint), and Lafayette are $21,700; Cleveland is $23,900; and Honolulu is $24,000)

    Books and supplies


    On-campus room & board


    Tuition includes books, equipment, lab fees, and uniforms (if necessary). 



    What is the median debt level of graduates of this program?



    The median loan debt is the middle value of all debt amounts owed by graduates (during the 2012-13 Award Year) at the time they completed the program as classified below:

    Federal Loans


    Private educational loans


    Institution financing plan




    What percentage of students complete this program on-time?



    62.96% of the graduates from this program completed on-time.



    What is the job placement rate of this program as reported to the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges in the 2013 Annual Report?



    The job placement rate for students who complete this program is 76%.



    What is the placement rate of this program as reported to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation in the 2013 Student Placement Report?



    The job placement rate for students who complete this program is 71%.

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