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  • Cosmetology students in Memphis, Nashville, and Baton Rouge, take on additional work to participate in Junior Style Stars Competition

    With classes to pass, salon hours to earn, jobs to work, families to take care of, and friendships to maintain, the schedule of a typical Remington College Cosmetology student is busy, to say the least.

    But when the annual Junior Style Stars (JSS) competition comes around, our Cosmetology instructors at Remington College make themselves available to help any COS II or COS III student who wishes to fit competing for a $5,000 grand prize into his or her already busy schedule.

    Junior Style Stars National Cosmetology Competition Criteria

    According to the official website, the Junior Style Stars competition is held “for the enhancement of careers in the cosmetology field.” This is accomplished by “providing a platform for the future hairstylists to develop their artistic skills, as each participant competes on the identical mannequin and receives the same photography.”

    This year's JSS competition required participants to create a unique bridal hairstyle. Students from several Remington College Campuses, including Memphis, Nashville, and Baton Rouge, entered the competition this year.

    The students' work must be completed under the supervision of a Cosmetology instructor. Students must use a hair color, cut a minimum of ½ inch of hair, and style the hair – this year, according to the bridal theme.

    All of the time and effort it takes to enter the competition must take place in addition to the student's regular daily assignments and practical requirements.

    Students who entered the contest this year are Anika Moore and Megan Brown from Baton Rouge, Ayana Whitfield from Nashville, and Brandy Chipman and Jilisa Jeffries from Memphis. Both Brandy and Jilisa have progressed to the fourth round of judging.

    Entering the Junior Style Stars Competition Benefits Cosmetology Students

    Beyond the chance to win one of several valuable prizes, entering the JSS competition is beneficial to Cosmetology students in other ways as well:

    • The competition provides students with additional work to highlight in their portfolios.
    • The experience of competing, and the potential for recognition on a national level, can be added to the students' résumés.
    • Participating can help boost students' self-esteem, since being selected to represent the Campus in a national competition is an honor.
    • The chance to use newly acquired skills and be creative, all while adhering to the official rules of the competition, is an additional bonus to the Cosmetology curriculum.

    The top 10 finalists and grand prize winner of the JSS will be announced at the end of April 2011. We wish all of our Remington College JSS competitors the best of luck while the judges continue to review the entries in search of an official winner.

    For more information and to learn who has advanced to the next round, please visit