• Dallas Culinary Arts Associate's Degree Graduate Discusses Sous Chef Career

    Juan Garcia has to juggle a full menu of responsibilities as Sous Chef for Las Colinas Country Club.

    'I manage a dozen people and oversee production and quality of food for the member restaurants, plus all the private events held at the Club,' Juan says. 'I also help place food orders and assist the Executive Chef.'

    A busy day. But nothing less than a dream come true for Juan.

    The graduate of Remington College's Dallas Culinary Arts Program used to work as a Service Director at the Club. But he had a passion for food.

    'I had dreams of attending culinary school and owning my own restaurant,' Juan says.

    So Juan walked through the doors of Remington College one day, and immediately felt at home. 'Quinta, the lady I spoke with in admissions, was warm, welcoming, and seemed to care about my future. This welcome really stuck out in my mind because it was unlike the ones I received from other area schools.

    ' Remington College in Dallas was the only school that gave me the tour of the facilities that I wanted," Juan adds. ' I also really liked the programs and class schedule. I got a warm welcome from members of the teaching faculty whom I spoke with during my initial tour.'

    Juan says he learned 'a ton of skills' in Remington's Culinary Arts program, from food preparation to restaurant operation.

    He also learned not to be late.

    'I was five minutes late to Bake Shop one day, and Chef Pagan [Culinary Arts Instructor Todd Pagan] asked me in front of the class why I was late. Instead of letting my tardiness pass as acceptable, he explained to me later that he wanted to make sure I received every minute of class time that I paid for, that I got my money's worth.'

    Juan says he got much more than his money's worth - he found a rewarding career.

    ' I would most definitely recommend this program to others,' Juan says. ' The facilities were impeccable and classes were small. Most of all, the instructors genuinely cared about students' welfare.'

    One day Juan would like to open his own 'Southwestern-Eclectic' restaurant with his wife.

    'But in the meantime I plan to remain at the Club and gain as much experience and knowledge as possible.'