• Dallas Pastry Arts School Gets Sweet Win at ChocolateFest in Grapevine, Texas!

    Congratulations to the students and instructors in our Dallas Pastry Arts program! They recently took home first-place honors for "Best Sample" at the Seventh Annual ChocolateFest, held in Grapevine, Texas.

    This "delectably chocolatey" two-day event included a "Day of Chocolate and Art" and an "Evening of Chocolate and Wine." All proceeds benefited the Travelers Aid organization in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Travelers Aid is an international organization that assists individuals and families who are in transition, stranded, in crisis, or disconnected from their support systems.

    Our Dallas Pastry Arts Program Participation

    The Dallas College's path to first place started when Pastry Arts Program Chair Sandra Cohen was approached by the ChocolateFest event coordinator at a monthly Texas Chefs Association (TCA) meeting. Other culinary schools in the area, including Le Cordon Bleu and the Art Institute of Dallas, were also entering the event.

    Our Scrumptious Variety of Entries - Straight from Our Pastry Kitchens

    After deciding to participate, Chef Cohen and fellow Chef Instructor Todd Pagan chose to enter dessert items that students were making in class at the time - items that were also some of the chefs' personal favorites. The mouthwatering list of entries included:

    • Dulce de leche truffles
    • Habanero truffles
    • White chocolate cakeballs
    • Strawberry blondes
    • Parisian macaroons
    • Pecan butter toffee
    • Raspberry ganache tarts
    • Mocha buttercream othellos
    • Chocolate meringue bubbles

    Impressive Group Effort by Pastry Chefs and Students

    A group of 22 students crafted the desserts at our own Remington College Dallas Culinary and Pastry Arts facilities. From there, the two Chef Instructors carefully transported the items to the Palace Arts Center, in Downtown Grapevine. They, along with five Pastry Arts students, set up a booth and presented the decadent morsels on decorative platters for guests and judges to enjoy.

    The platters were accented by a unique chocolate-and-sugar centerpiece, created by Chef Pagan and designed around the theme of Travelers Aid.

    Local radio personalities Kathy Jones and Rebekah Black, from 98.7 KLUV, and Bonny Curry, from 94.9 KLTY, judged the contest.

    Chef Cohen said, "I don't think any of us expected to come in first out of 13 entrants on event day, but we kept our hopes high and were ecstatic to find out that we won! We entered this competition for the opportunity to share awareness of the Remington College Pastry Arts program and to give our students a chance to compete, some for the first time. I think the outcome was very inspiring and will hopefully be the start of greater things to come for our students and our Pastry Arts program!"