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  • Dallas Pharmacy Technician School

    Since we began our Dallas Pharmacy Technician program in April 2004, several features have helped it grow in the greater Dallas area, including:

    • Commitment: Students receive guidance and support throughout the program.
    • Instructor availability: Teachers are available to help students study for the pharmacy technician certification exam to become certified pharmacy technicians (CPhTs).
    • Team approach: Externship Coordinators and Career Service Representatives work with students to assist their transition from graduate to employee.(1)

    Call or request information to learn more about our Pharmacy Technician school in Dallas.

    Pharmacy Tech Diploma Training in Dallas

    Our Pharmacy Tech school in Dallas has several classrooms and labs dedicated to student instruction.

    Our students work with more than 30 different compounding agents in their hands-on labs. And more than 200 placebo prescriptions and dispensing bottles are available for students to train with.

    Students work with the tools of their trade and use industry-grade equipment like laminar airflow hoods, syringes, needles, IV bags and tubing, weighing scales, hotplate stirrers, beakers and graduated cylinders, capsule and tablet makers and molds, ointment tubes, and a variety of packaging items.

    And from week one, they begin training in our mock pharmacy lab, which includes a simulated retail, IV, and compounding section.

    Community Connections for Dallas Pharmacy Tech Students

    Dallas-area pharmacists and hiring managers talk regularly with our faculty and staff. This allows us to keep up-to-date with the latest requirements of the field and may even offer more externship (on-the-job training) and employment opportunities to our graduates.(1,2)

    To help our students get several perspectives on what a job in pharmacology may be like, our Dallas Pharmacy Technician training program has taken class field trips to places like the Baylor University Medical Center. Our program has also hosted a variety of in-field professionals as on-Campus guest speakers.

    In support of their community, our students have contributed their time to local events including the following:

    • Blood drives for Carter Blood Care
    • Food drives for the North Texas Food Bank
    • University of Texas Southwestern BioBank events

    And over the years, several of our graduates have gained entry-level pharmacy tech jobs at places like these:(1)

    • The Dallas VA Hospital
    • Texas Oncology
    • Other hospital systems like Baylor, Presbyterian, Parkland, Children’s, Tenet, and HCA
    • CVS, Walgreens, and Davita Rx
    • Albertsons and Kroger
    • And several independent pharmacies in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

    Dallas Pharmacy Tech Instructor Team

    Each Pharmacy Techinstructor at Dallas brings his or her own professional experience from a variety of practice settings into the role of instructor and mentor.

    Our instructors enjoy their role and are dedicated to helping their students understand every important aspect of the job so that they can move closer to achieving their goals in the field of pharmacology.(1)

    In addition to their education and experience, our instructors hold Pharmacy Technician certifications and registrations:

    • Pharmacy Technician Certification Board
    • Texas State Board of Pharmacy

    They are ready to help you get started today, so why put it off? Call or visit our Dallas Campustoday to learn more!

    The Dallas Pharmacy Technician diploma program has programmatic accreditation from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) The ASHP is a nationally recognized non-profit pharmacy association that has been accrediting pharmacy technician training programs since 1983. The group says this about accreditation: "Accreditation seeks to enhance the quality of a program/ institution by promoting self evaluation; encouraging quality improvement; and providing public accountability by ensuring specific criteria are met."