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  • Limited Scope X-Ray Technician School in Dallas, TX(1)

    If you're looking for entry-level limited scope X-ray tech training in Dallas, then look no further! We introduced our Medical Assisting with X-Ray Tech (Limited Scope) program in January 2011. You can practice on industry-standard equipment and prepare for key certifications.

    Call or request information about our limited scope X-ray tech school in Dallas, TX.

    Training at Limited Scope X-Ray Tech School

    Two labs are dedicated to our Medical Assisting with Limited Scope X-Ray tech training, in addition to the four labs our students use as part of the regular Medical Assisting program curriculum.

    Both labs at our Dallas College have two X-ray machines in addition to other modern equipment.

    As a student in our limited scope X-Ray technician school, you'll start training in the labs, after which you'll begin your month-long externship.(3)

    • In the X-ray technician training modules, you'll get to practice using industry-standard equipment like X-ray machines with floating tables and upright buckys, shields, calipers, and X-ray film. Plus, you'll use FUJI digital software to practice manipulating density, contrast, and how to burn X-ray CDs.

    In all of the X-Ray Tech training modules, you'll have a chance to role-play as a patient and a technician, so you can practice positioning techniques, understand how to work with a patient, and more.

    Our instructors have remarked that "All of our simulators are as close as you can get to the real thing."

    Learn more about the hands-on training in our Medical Assisting with X-Ray (Limited Scope) diploma program.

    Limited Scope X-Ray Technician Certifications

    Once you've completed your externship and are near the end of your program, you can prepare for Medical Assisting, and X-ray tech exams to earn additional certifications, such as:

    • Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA)
    • Medical Radiologic Technologist Non-Certified Technician (NCT) licensure

    Learn more about the certifications available to our Medical Assisting with X-Ray Tech (limited scope) students in Dallas, Texas

    Learn From More Than Just Books

    Our limited scope X-ray Tech students in Dallas take regular field trips to several locations such as local chiropractic offices to experience what it's like in the field.

    These trips are a favorite for our students, because they get to see real equipment and processing machines, along with actual patients who have injuries.

    You might also get to hear from someone who has graduated from Remington College. Several program graduates from our Dallas College have returned as guest speakers to talk to students about what to expect in the field, after they've completed their training.

    Instructors at Dallas Limited Scope X-Ray Tech School

    Our instructors have years of in-field experience, know the job, and are actively involved in ensuring that our program stays relevant in terms of curriculum content, equipment, labs, and more.

    They often do more than teach students; they may also advise and mentor them to ensure that they meet the criteria needed to qualify for and attempt all of their available certifications.

    Our instructor team includes X-ray specialists and a medical doctor. All have worked in various healthcare environments like urgent care clinics, family practice clinics, hospitals, and more.

    Together, their specialty areas include:

    • X-Ray
    • Fluoroscopy
    • Contrast studies
    • MRI
    • Radiological sciences

    All X-ray instructors are ARRT and Texas MRT certified, and each of our instructors has at least five years of experience in the field.

    They are eager to share what they know and help you on the road pursuing a future as a limited scope X-ray assistant – so call or visit us today to get started!(2)