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  • Nashville Dental Hygiene School

    Dental Hygiene: The Path to a Brighter Future

    Learn the skills for this growing career field by completing Remington College’s associate’s degree program in Dental Hygiene.

    In as few as 24 months you can earn your degree and prepare to take the NBDHE Exam as well as any state or regional exams.(1) Remington College covers the NBDHE exam costs, and although certain restrictions apply, this can save you over $1200 in fees.

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    Nashville School of Dental Hygiene students

    How does a Dental Hygienist career fit into oral health?

    Dental hygienists promote oral health and hygiene through regular preventive dental care. They often work alongside dentists and orthodontists, cleaning teeth and monitoring patients' oral health.


    Nashville Dental Hygiene School

    A Brighter Education Starts with Hands-On Training in Dental Hygiene

    Our Dental Hygiene associate's degree program is designed to teach you the skills needed to provide preventive oral healthcare services for dental patients. Learn how you can start working toward a brighter future.


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    Earn your Dental Hygiene degree in Nashville, TN

    Our School of Dental Hygiene opened in 2009 and features modern facilities and equipment. Learn more about the Nashville campus and how you can schedule a tour of the Dental Hygiene student clinic.

    Earn your Dental Hygiene Degree and Prepare for Dental Hygiene Exam

    • Train for one of the nation’s fastest-growing occupations!(2) 
    • Prepare to take the National Board Dental Hygiene Exam (NBDHE) and any required state or regional clinical exams.
    • Practice your skills in Remington College’s Dental Hygiene Clinic!
    • Take advantage of the predicted excellent job opportunities

    While our Associate's Degree in Dental Hygiene is offered only at our Nashville Campus, Remington College offers a Diploma in Dental Assisting at the following campuses: Cleveland West, Fort Worth, Houston, North Houston, Houston Southeast, Nashville and Tampa. Learn more about our Dental Assistant Schools.

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    Learn About Skills Practiced by Dental Hygienists

    Licensed dental hygienists provide preventive oral health care services for dental patients. This care includes teaching patients the fundamentals of oral hygiene self-care as well as some periodontal treatment procedures. Remington College’s associate’s degree program in Dental Hygiene features modern classrooms and equipment and our very own dental clinic, directly on Campus! 

    In the classroom, you’ll learn about the following skills often used by dental hygienists:

    • Oral health, hygiene, and nutrition basics
    • Dental Hygiene instrumentation skills
    • Head, neck, and dental anatomy
    • Oral radiology
    • Oral cancer screening
    • Local anesthesia techniques
    • Management of dental emergencies
    • Anxiety and pain control
    • Prevention practices

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    Dental Hygiene: A Career Possibility You Can Smile About!

    As a dental hygienist, your work can be very rewarding, because you are helping dental patients to recognize that good oral hygiene should play an important role in their daily efforts to maintain a more health-conscious lifestyle. Part analyst, practitioner, and coach, you are often relied on to assist dentists in assessing patients’ oral health and instructing them in the proper methods for brushing, flossing, and caring for their teeth and gums. As a dental hygienist, you may also periodically evaluate those results and help patients manage their overall plan of dental care.

    It’s a great time to start down a path toward earning a dental hygienist degree at Remington College – Nashville Campus. Our Admissions Representatives are standing by to help you get started in our Dental Hygiene Program.

    To take advantage of this opportunity, you can request more information about this program by calling to start the admissions process, or click one of our Request Info buttons and submit the information form to our dental hygienist college program.

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    The Dental Hygiene program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation. The commission is a specialized accrediting body recognized by the United States Department of Education. The Commission on Dental Accreditation can be contacted at (321) 440-4653, or at 211 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611. The Commission's web address is: 


    Prior to acceptance into the Dental Hygiene Program, applicants must have completed the following prerequisite courses with a grade of “C” or better: 

    1. Anatomy and Physiology I with lab (4 semester hours/6 quarter hours)
    2. Anatomy and Physiology II with lab (4 semester hours/6 quarter hours)
    3. Introduction to Chemistry with labs, or Fundamentals of Chemistry with labs (4 semester hours/6 quarter hours)
    4. Microbiology (3 semester hours/4.5 quarter hours)

    Those interested in applying for admission into the Dental Hygiene Program may do so if one of the above prerequisite courses has been completed with a grade of “C” or better and an acceptable plan has been provided to demonstrate that the applicant will complete the remaining  prerequisite courses prior to the beginning of class.

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    (1) Program completion times may vary based on individual performance/circumstances. Individual results may vary. Employment is not guaranteed upon graduation.