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  • Who should pursue a Computer and Electronic Technician career?

    High-tech innovations such as smart phones, laptop computers, tablet devices, and the Internet are just some of the electronic and computer technologies that shape the way we live today. If you find these technologies fascinating, you may want to consider an electronic and computer technology career.

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    What industries typically have Computer and Electronic Technician jobs?

    • Radio and Telecommunications
    • Computer Software and Hardware
    • Information Technology Support
    • Personal Electronics Instillation and Repair

    As a worker in this field, you may find your niche as a telecommunications line installer, user support specialist, a technical installation or maintenance technician, an electronics repair expert, or IT administration support.(1)

    What is the outlook for Computer and Electronic Technician Jobs?

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment of Computer Support Specialists is projected to increase by 12 percent from 2014-2024, which is faster than average for all occupations. Job growth will be fastest in several industries that rely heavily on technology.(2)

    To work as a Telecommunications Equipment Installer or Repairer, except Line Installers, a post-secondary education in electronics and computer technology is increasingly preferred and job prospects are best for those with computer skills and postsecondary training in electronics.(3)

    Meanwhile job opportunities for electrical and electronics installers/repairers should be best for applicants with an associate degree in electronics, as employers often prefer applicants with an associate degree and/or professional certifications.(4)

    Key Skills Required for Electronic Technician Jobs and Computer Technology Careers

    An electronics and computer technology degree program like the one with Remington College may offer versatile training for a career in electronics and computer support, maintenance, or development.

    An electronics and computer technology degree program can include courses in electrical systems, computer software, computer architecture, microprocessors, communications electronics, and more.(1)