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  • Analytic Process Trainer

    This analytic process control system enables students to receive hands-on training related to the study, measurement, and control of water chemistry variables. The device allows students to measure, monitor, and control process variables using industrial-quality sensors and controllers. The device also enables students to calibrate sensors and set up and tune basic control loops.

    Water chemistry variables include pH, conductivity, oxidation/reduction potential (ORP), and dissolved oxygen:

    • pH is used in combination with conductivity to increase the salt load while maintaining neutrality. This is achieved by introducing diluted hydrochloric acid (HCL) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH).
    • ORP is used to measure the change in reduction potential of the batch during the addition of a diluted iodine solution.
    • On/Off control of aeration changes the oxygen content.

    Quick disconnects enable this training aid to be connected to other data acquisition and control (DAC) training devices to facilitate creating more complex process systems. A clear acrylic mixing tank allows batch process water treatment. A recirculating system enables students to continuously monitor pH, conductivity, ORP, and dissolved oxygen in the mixing tank by using standard, user-supplied, or user-specified instruments.

    Process Control Engineering Technology - Analytic Process Trainer