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  • Fluid Process Trainer

    This working, large-scale fluid process data acquisition and control (DAC) system enables students to receive hands-on training related to the measurement and control of four process variables: level, pressure, temperature, and flow.

    The device allows the creation of simple and advanced process loops using common industrial-quality instruments and controllers. The device's "open architecture" enables instructors to integrate alternate instrumentation as needed to address local training needs and new technologies.

    This device can establish cascade, feed-forward, feedback, feedback split range, ratio, and three-element control schemes. Clear PVC piping allows students to see these process changes, based on control parameters or intentional disturbances.

    This training device can also be configured to create one complex process loop or two independent process systems, enabling use by up to six students.

    Standard, user-specified, or user-supplied instrument packages can easily be installed on two mounting stanchions or two integral 19-inch instrument racks.