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  • Packaged Applications Instructor Leads National Technical Honor Society in Fort Worth

    Contributed by Joy Cornwell, Campus Librarian

    Rick Slezak is a six-time award-winning Star Instructor at our Fort Worth Campus. Having joined Remington College - Fort Worth Campus in 2008 as an adjunct business instructor, Mr. Slezak currently teaches Packaged Applications, a core course for our Criminal Justice and Digital Graphic Art students. Mr. Slezak's high reviews from his students speak volumes about what he is teaching in the classroom and how well is he connecting with students in teaching this foundational course.

    Mr. Slezak's several years of experience as a professional presenter for AT&T years give him a captivating presence in the classroom and enable an easy rapport with students. "Being able to relate my experience from my previous career to the students is fun," says Mr. Slezak.

    In addition to his instructor duties, Mr. Slezak is the advisor to the Fort Worth Chapter of the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS), on Campus. When he took over the leadership of the chapter in 2008, only eight student members existed; today, the chapter has grown to 25 student members, in addition to four student leaders who are elected every module or quarter.

    Fort Worth student and current NTHS President Marcus Zeka notes, "If you need extra attention, Mr. Slezak will help you. If he can't explain it one way, he'll find another way that you can understand. Mr. Slezak always takes care of his students. He goes above and beyond what is expected."

    The mission of NTHS is "to honor student achievement and leadership, promote educational excellence, and enhance career opportunities for the NTHS membership." To this, Mr. Slezak adds, "… and to foster greater responsibility and opportunities for service to your community."

    Mr. Slezak's personal goal is to continue making NTHS more visible to the students in other programs around Campus. He also asks all of his NTHS members to volunteer at least one hour a month, to set an example for others to emulate. Mr. Slezak comments, "If I can help at least one student each term come to a fuller, more complete realization of their potential, then I've accomplished something."

    It is this type of dedication and commitment that makes Mr. Slezak so well liked by his students and coworkers.

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