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  • Fort Worth College Military Veterans Receive Recognition for Service on Veterans Day

    On November 11, 2010, Remington College's Fort Worth Campus Director of Education Don McLaughlin and Senior Student Finance Associate Anabel Romero-Juarez coordinated a Veterans Day event to recognize and thank Fort Worth Campus students and employees who have served in the U.S. military.

    Said Ms. Juarez, "Mr. McLaughlin and I had a simple idea of wanting to thank our students for their service in person, and on a personal level. I was interested in participating particularly because my husband is a veteran.

    Second, as the VA-certifying financial aid official, I wanted to let my veterans know that we appreciate them and that we work hard to do all we can to help them with the financial aid process so that they can get the financial assistance they qualify for and pursue a college education. Mr. McLaughlin, a proud U.S. Navy veteran himself, wanted to thank not only the students but our faculty veterans as well."

    Together, Ms. Juarez and Mr. McLaughlin searched their records and found 25 students and 10 faculty members who had served. Ms. Juarez printed colorful thank-you notes, and she and Mr. McLaughlin visited each veteran's class, read the note recognizing each individual for exemplary service to his or her country, and distributed it as a memento to each veteran in the classrooms.

    Campus President Gregg Falcon suggested distributing snacks as well.

    "Many of our veterans were taken by surprise and were very thankful. The students in the classrooms were very proud of their classmates and instructors, with several standing and applauding their service," said Ms. Juarez.

    Photos were taken, and Mr. McLaughlin reviewed the history of the holiday, explaining how November 11 was initially designated to honor World War I veterans and later came to honor all veterans.

    Ms. Juarez noted, "The day was quite special and emotional, with some tears and hugs included. We all felt that the recognition was well worth planning and definitely worth repeating."

    Campus President Gregg Falcon echoed that sentiment, stating, "I saw a lot of emotion and many proud, smiling faces that day. Thanks to Anabel for her idea to recognize our VA students and to Don for helping to make the event so special, and I hope we do it again year after year."