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  • Two Fort Worth Externsihp Coordinators Awarded for Exceptional Site Development

    Contributed by Joy Cornwell, Fort Worth Campus Librarian

    Remington College - Fort Worth Campus has cause for celebration! During Remington College's annual Externship Conference, held January 10 through 14, 2011, at our corporate office in Heathrow, Florida, the Fort Worth Campus took home two of the five awards given to honor our extern coordinators at our campuses across the U.S.

    Fort Worth Externship Coordinators Shannon Horton and Christine Blackwell received a "Contract Contest 2010" award, gaining second place for securing 25 new externship sites in just a few months. Ms. Horton commented, "It's all about getting out in the community and meeting the professionals in your field."

    The second recognition, a team award for "Exceptional Site Development," was presented to Ms. Horton and Ms. Blackwell for excellence in site placement. "We owe our gratitude to the good leads from Career Services and our best friends, the students of Remington College - Fort Worth," said Externship Coordinator Christine Blackwell.

    Fort Worth Director of Career Services Mary Weaver said, "Without the teamwork from Career Services and the Externship Office, our graduates would not have the opportunity to be placed at sites where they get to use the skills they learned in school, which in turn helps them in securing employment in the field." Both Ms. Horton and Ms. Blackwell have earned our gratitude and praise for a job well done.