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  • Fort Worth Campus Reaches Milestone in Celebrating Graduate Successes

    Contributed by Joy Cornwell, Campus Librarian

    Like all of our campuses do, the instructors and staff at our Fort Worth Campus like to brag about their students' successes. One way of doing that at Fort Worth is by creating a personalized "shadow box."

    Like so many of our successful graduates or soon-to-be graduates, Jacob Crozier, a Digital Graphic Art student, was happy to have a shadow box of his own that displayed information about his time and successes at Remington College and his current employment.

    "I thought it was pretty special when they asked me if I wanted to have a shadow box," said Jacob. Imagine his surprise when he was told that his was the 200th shadow box for the Fort Worth Campus! The Campus has been displaying shadow boxes since October of 2008, starting with Ana Batdorf, a Pharmacy Technician graduate.

    Also noteworthy is that Jacob's shadow box is the third in the Crozier family, as Jacob's mom, Angelia, and his sister, Jaime, are both previous graduates of Remington College. Angelia graduated in 2010 with a diploma in Medical Assisting with X-Ray (Limited Scope) and EKG, and Jaime graduated in 2010 with a diploma in Dental Assisting.

    Angelia was placed at the UNT Health Science Center on her externship in 2010 and was asked by one of the doctors she worked for to join him at his private practice. Angelia took the job and is now employed at The Heart Place, in Richland Hills, Texas. And Jaime has been with All Smiles Dental since she graduated in 2010, and she loves it.

    When Angelia was a beginning student, she brought her two children to Fort Worth's biannual "Bring a Friend to School" event. "I tried to kick them into gear to go to college as soon as they got out of high school," said Angelia.

    "At one point, we were all going to school at the same time and living together in the same house," said Jacob. Angelia graduated first, followed shortly by Jaime. "Having my mom and my brother in school with me was a great support system. We would all say 'Hi' to each other in the halls and talk about school when we got home," said Jaime.

    Jacob, who is nearing graduation, already has a position as a Web Designer for Mike's Auction House, in Fort Worth, Texas. Our congratulations to Jacob on his successes and on being our 200th student "in the spotlight" at Fort Worth!