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  • Fort Worth Police Department and SWAT Team Visit Criminal Justice Degree Students

    By Scott Cogswell, Degree Program Chair - Fort Worth Campus

    The Fort Worth Police Department's Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team recently visited our Criminal Justice students at our Fort Worth, Texas College for an educational lecture and equipment demonstration.

    The SWAT team arrived for both the morning and evening Criminal Justice classes in their armored truck, known as the "Bear Cat."

    Upon their arrival, the SWAT team set up several tools of the trade for students to handle, including a tear gas launcher, an assault rifle, and forward-looking infrared radar (FLIR) equipment, which is used to see thermal images through walls and at night.

    Officers spent time discussing the tactics involved with hostage negotiation, serving high-risk warrants, and conducting high-risk drug raids.

    After our students had a chance to handle the weapons and have their questions answered, they moved outside with the SWAT team to experience what it's like to don a flak jacket (bulletproof vest), hold a 75-pound battering ram, stand behind a riot shield, and climb inside the Bear Cat from the driver's seat to the open hatch roof turret.

    Students, staff, and SWAT team members alike enjoyed the experience.

    Even better: Now that a relationship with the Fort Worth SWAT team has been fostered, the campus expects future visits from the Fort Worth Mounted Police, K9 Patrol, and helicopter division.

    A big thank you goes out to the Fort Worth SWAT team from Remington College students and instructors in the Criminal Justice program at Fort Worth for their dedication to our students' success.