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  • Computer and Network Administration in Fort Worth

    Our Fort Worth computer training program has been helping to prepare entry-level information technology (IT) support and computer technicians for the local work force since 2000.(1)

    Our Computer and Network Administration program in Fort Worth is administered by dedicated computer networking industry professionals and features equipment and software that is up-to-date with industry standards.

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    Computer Networking Courses and Equipment at Our Fort Worth Campus

    In our Fort Worth computer school program labs, we use in-class and virtual machines to make hands-on training easier and more accessible. This gives you flexibility in selecting different operating systems for your hands-on work.

    Our training program has 12 configured computers on which we run virtual machines/labs, including a Cisco 2600 Switcher and various PC desktops and servers.

    And you have access to up to 20 in-house computers on which you can practice basic teardown, installation, and troubleshooting techniques, in addition to 20 computers in our library that offer easy access for research.

    Our Fort Worth Computer and Network Administration program provides training in a focused mix of Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA components: specialty areas that offer solid potential for computer networking graduates pursuing entry-level IT employment.(1)

    Plus, you can graduate with up to five Microsoft certifications currently considered standard across the IT industry, and your first attempt at each Microsoft and CompTIA certification exam is at no additional cost to you.

    Want to expand your horizons in the world of information technology?

    You can complete our program, earn your associate's degree, and qualify for up to five Microsoft certifications, all in as few as 18 months! For details on our IT training program in Fort Worth, call Remington College today.