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  • Dental Assisting Program Remington College - Fort Worth Campus

    When you're looking to gain skills to launch a potential new career,(1) you don't want to trust your education to just anyone.

    At Remington College's Fort Worth Campus, our Dental Assisting program instructors have proven skills and in-field experience, with nearly 60 years of combined professional experience in dental assisting.

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    Hands-On Dental Assistant Training from the Start

    If the idea of making mouth guards, bleaching trays, and temporary crowns and bridges intrigues you, then our Fort Worth dental assisting school program is for you.

    Hands-on from the start, we combine stimulating lectures with hands-on laboratory experiences. You could be working in a simulated dental office/lab on your very first day in class.

    You'll wear light blue scrubs in our dental lab, where you'll work with a wide variety of equipment, including:

    • Lab/high/low headpieces.
    • Vacuum systems.
    • Curing lights.
    • An amalgamator.
    • View boxes.
    • Model trimmers.
    • Typodont for developing radiographs.
    • Dental vibrators that assist with constructing a dental cast.

    Dental Assisting Certifications

    Once you complete the Dental Assisting program at our Fort Worth Campus, you'll probably want to get additional certifications. The following certifications may be available to Fort Worth's Dental Assisting students:

    • CPR
    • OSHA
    • HIPAA
    • Registered Dental Assistant (RDA).

    To become an RDA in the state of Texas, a student must complete a mandatory short course approved by The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE).

    You must successfully complete our program to be eligible for the RDA exam. And Remington College covers the examination fee!(3)

    Dental Assistant Training at our Fort Worth Campus

    Our Ft. Worth dental assistant training doesn't stop in the classroom lab: We take field trips to working dental offices and labs, bring in guest speakers who are experts in the field, and help you find the right externship opportunity for you.(2)

    Working with the community lets our students give back and enhance their skills. Students in our Fort Worth Dental Assisting diploma program have opportunities to make connections in the community, give something back, and learn something in the process.

    • Community Involvement: Examples of volunteer work by our Fort Worth college students include:
      • Mission Arlington: Our dental assisting school program students have worked with dentists to learn sterilization techniques, schedule appointments, and practice charting.
      • Potter House Dental Care: Our students have assisted with removing sutures and taking X-rays.
      • Safe Smiles: Our students have helped the local community safeguard local children by creating “toothprints.” Since dental imprints are as unique as fingerprints, capturing a child's toothprint can help with identification and even scent-dog tracking (because of the saliva). Safe Smiles is one of many community activities that you can participate in as a Remington College Dental Assisting student to get to know locals and improve your skills.
    • Field Trips: Students have the opportunity to take field trips to dental offices and labs to get a first-hand look at what professionals do on the job on a daily basis.
    • Networking and Social Events: Other networking opportunities include joining professional student organizations. At our Fort Worth Campus, we encourage Dental Assisting students to get involved with professional organizations like the:
      • American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA).
      • Texas Dental Assistants Association (TDAA).
      • Fort Worth District Dental Assistants Society.
      • National Technical Honor Society.
    • Guest Speakers: Dental professionals like Ronda Lane, the Ninth District leader of the ADAA, speak regularly at our Fort Worth Campus. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions and get to know these experts.
    • Campus Support Services: We offer tutoring sessions from our program instructors and from student mentors so that you can stay on top of your learning.
    • Externships: Our students have told us that they love working with actual patients, learning new skills from experienced dental assistants, and working with dentists.
      • Some of our students have been hired straight out of their externships, at places in the Fort Worth metro area like Access Dental and Miller Dental & Orthodontics.(1)