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  • Fort Worth Medical Assistant Diploma

    Are you ready to go back to school for healthcare training in Tarrant County? Are you looking for a hands-on college that has history of successfully graduating medical assistants in the Fort Worth area?(1)

    Our Medical Assistant training program has graduated more than 2,500 students since the program began in 1990, and we’re accepting applications for the next class now.(1)

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    Fort Worth Medical Assistant Training

    Class lectures lead to hands-on clinical and laboratory training in our Fort Worth Medical Assisting diploma program.

    • New medical assistants in training start with the basics, including learning how a medical office functions and proper conduct in a medical office and medical laboratory setting.
    • They also learn basic lab skills like how to take and record blood pressure and basic vital signs.
    • In the upper modules of our Fort Worth Medical Assisting program, students take part in clinical activities like:
      • Dissection labs, where beef hearts and other lab organs are examined and dissected.
      • Suturing clinics, where students learn suturing methods and practice them on pigs’ feet.
      • Casting techniques, where students set casts on other students and get to keep the casts once they’re removed!
      • Mock clinics, where students pose as medical patients and learn to perform many of the skills they’re learning in class, like communicating with patients, taking vital signs, and assisting the physician in the exam area.
    • At the end of the program, a month-long externship allows students a chance to learn the job in the field.(1,2)

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    Fort Worth Medical Assistant Certification

    Included in the cost of tuition is the first attempt of the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) exam. (4,5)

    Medical Assisting program graduates may also be eligible for other certification and licensure opportunities.

    Recognition for Fort Worth Medical Assistant Trainees

    Each student has a chance to achieve these goals each module:

    • Perfect Attendance
    • President’s Honor Roll/High Honor Roll certificates

    Outstanding students may be invited to join the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) Chapter at Fort Worth.

    Learn more about our Medical Assisting with X-Ray Tech (Limited Scope) program and certifications.

    Extracurricular activities for Fort Worth Medical Assisting students include:

    • Guest speakers: Guests have included representatives from:
      • Sickle Cell Disease Association (SCDA) of Tarrant County, who visit twice a year.
      • Cooks Children’s Hospital Bone Marrow Registry: Bone marrow registry drives happen on Campus each quarter.
      • Carter Blood Care: Our Campus holds blood drives each quarter.
      • Well Bodies and World of Wellness, who visit through the year based on their schedule availability.

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