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  • Fort Worth, Texas Adopt Our School Winner - Elkins Elementary School

    Congratulations Elkins Elementary School!

    The votes are in, and Elkins Elementary School in Fort Worth will receive a school supply donation from Remington College - Fort Worth Campus worth nearly $2,000. Elkins Elementary School received the most votes in Remington College's Adopt Our School program for the Fort Worth area, an effort by Remington College to assist local public schools with up to $2,000 worth of school supplies.

    The staff at Elkins Elementary requested a high-tech Classroom Learning System that allows students to use handheld "clickers" to respond to questions. Teachers will be able to immediately see all the student responses and can instantly assess student comprehension of their lessons.

    "Our entire staff was very excited to hear that we won the voting from Remington College.We are always in need of supplies, materials and the latest technology that is available to our students! Our staff works tirelessly to meet the needs of our students on a daily basis,' said Dawn Battle, Principal of Elkins Elementary School.