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  • Digital Graphic Art Graduate Danielle Smallwood Shares Her Story with Fort Worth Students

    Contributed by Joy Cornwell, Campus Librarian

    Danielle Smallwood began her education in Louisiana at our former Remington College - New Orleans Campus. After disaster struck in the form of Hurricane Katrina, Danielle and her husband, John, moved to Fort Worth to continue their educational goals.

    Danielle graduated from our Fort Worth Campus in 2007 with her Digital Graphic Art (DGA) degree and quickly began forming her client list, gathering all the resources she needed to be successful as a freelance graphic designer.

    Back when Danielle was enrolled at our New Orleans Campus, she was taught by Instructor John Williams, who is now a DGA instructor at the Fort Worth Campus. "It's a small world, and when Mr. Williams asked me if I would like to come and speak to his class, I thought, 'What a great idea!' He was so supportive of my career choice in freelancing, and I would love to share what I learned in the industry with the students he teaches now," said Danielle.

    "Freelance work is a new focus in the industry, and most DGA graduates don't work from home," noted Mr. Williams.

    Graduate Offers Insight and Inspiration to Current DGA Students

    On June 22, 2011, Danielle spoke to Mr. Williams' Document Design 2 class about her experience as a freelance graphic designer. She also shared her portfolio with the class and remarked about how the program has seen enhancements since she was in school. "The program now offers a photography class, and they work on Apple computers and use the latest developing software," noted Danielle.

    Noah Rolla, a current DGA student, was surprised at what Danielle related about all of the helpful websites and resources available in the world of digital graphic art. "She was informative and told us that we need to make sure our customer skills are on point so that we can communicate better with our clients," said Noah.

    Jody Farmer, another current DGA student, added, "She really opened my eyes and gave all of us a realistic view of what to expect when we graduate. She is proof that this career path can be a successful one."

    Danielle's motto is, "Love your clients, and they will love you." Good advice from someone who seems to have proven its worth through the success she has achieved in her career.