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  • Story of Home Destroyed by Blaze Inspires Remington College - Shreveport Student Aundra Brisker to Help

    On hearing about a family whose home was destroyed by fire in Shreveport's MLK neighborhood on June 21, 2011, Shreveport Campus Medical Assisting student Aundra Brisker just had to do something about it.

    The fire started when a faulty window air conditioning unit broke down and caught fire in Judy Grant's home. All six people inside escaped unharmed because of a smoke detector, but the fire destroyed her home and nearly all of the family's possessions.

    "Something just came over me, and I had to reach out and do something for this family," Andre told Kevin Roth, the local reporter who covered this story for TV station KSLA News 12.

    Shreveport Medical Assisting Student's Caring Nature

    Aundra, who didn't know the family before he saw coverage of their house fire on the news, talked to his instructors and classmates and began to spread the word about needed donations. He asked for any and all donations for the family of six, and our Shreveport Campus responded in a big way, collecting an entire room full of clothes, food, toiletries, and even toys for Ms. Grant's young daughter.

    Aundra's actions have helped to lift Ms. Grant's spirits, and our Shreveport college's generous donations are allowing her and her family to get back on their feet again. KSLA News 12 was there when Ms. Grant met Aundra to collect the donated items. "He had some things to offer me and give my children, and he brought us joy and happiness," she said.

    Health Sciences Department Chair and Campus President Reflect on Students' Response

    "It always amazes me the lengths that my students will go to when given the opportunity to bless someone else. I am extremely proud of Aundra. He is not only a wonderful person but also an excellent example of the qualities a medical assistant should possess," noted Department Chair Clark Riser.

    Shreveport Campus President Jerry Driskill added, "What Aundra and the students are doing is a great service to a family in need. Remington College - Shreveport Campus is proud to do whatever we can to help."