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  • Honolulu Campus News and Events

    See what Remington College students, faculty, and staff are up to at our campus in downtown Honolulu. Whether it's a job fair, blood drive, complimentary salon service at The Paul Brown Institute, or a visit from the Honolulu Police Department, there is always something going on at our Oahu campus!

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    • Students Welcome Detectives from Honolulu PD
      "HPD! Open up!" Our Honolulu Criminal Justice staff, students, and graduates did just that when the Honolulu Police Department came knockin' recently at the Honolulu Campus. Get the 411 on the visitors, the visit, and the lessons learned by our CJ students by clicking the article link!
    • MMA Event a Rewarding Experience
      Remington College – Honolulu Campus is committed to supporting the Honolulu community, in part by participating in local events and helping to provide local employers with qualified job applicants.
    • Interested in Learning How to Start Your Own Business
      Remington College's Honolulu Career Services Department is offering a complimentary business workshop to Remington College students and graduates who are interested in learning more about starting a business.
    • Waianae High School wins Remington College "Adopt Our School" Vote
      Congratulations Waianae High School! The votes are in and Waianae High School will receive $2,000 worth of school supplies from Remington College - Honolulu Campus . Waianae High School received the most votes in Remington College's Adopt Ou
    • Honolulu Massage Therapy Legacy of Life Donor Remembrance Ceremony
      Each year, friend sand families gather to remember Hawaii's organ, tissue, and eye donors at the annual Donor Recognition Ceremony hosted by Legacy of Life Hawai'i.
    • Honolulu Massage Therapy Use New Skills to Benefit Special Olympics
      When the Coordinator for Special Olympics Hawai'i, Cindy Ujimori, reached out to the Massage Therapy program at Remington College –Honolulu Campus to find participants for a fundraiser, she got three eager students and one instructor to commit their time, energy, and skills to the third annual Polar Plunge.
    • Honolulu Massage Therapy Graduates Volunteer at Hawaii Medical Center
      On May 12 and 13, 2011, several licensed massage therapists from Remington College in Honolulu volunteered to participate in an event at the Hawaii Medical Center as part of the annual "Nurses' Week Health Seminar."...
    • Honolulu Campus Sponsors Big Boys & MMA Hawaii Expo
      Being actively involved in supporting the Honolulu community is an integral part of Remington College's mission – whether its participating in events or providing local employers with well-qualified job applicants. Remington College-Honolulu Campus offers several programs designed to help prepare students for entry-level employment.
    • Remington College Announces Winning Schools in the 2011 "Adopt Our School" Program
      After more than 6 weeks of voting from parents and public schools eager to fill needs in the classroom, Remington College is proud to announce the winners from its Adopt Our School program....
    • Attention Honolulu Students and Graduates: Is Business Ownership in Your Future?
      Our panel of professionals from a variety of industries such as banking, economic development, massage therapy, and more will provide valuable insights and answer your questions regarding what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur/business owner. The forum will also include representatives from several nonprofit organizations that provide assistance at no cost to aspiring entrepreneurs.
    • June 02, 2010 - 59 Honolulu Students Join Donor Registry to Potentially Save a Life
      In a continuing show of support for the Hawaii Bone Marrow Donor Registry and the urgent call for bone marrow donors, Remington College – Honolulu Campus held a Campus-wide donor drive from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on March 25, 2010....
    • Hawaii School for the Deaf and the Blind Wins up to $2,000 Worth of School Supplies
      Hawaii School for the Deaf and the Blind received the most votes in Remington College's Adopt Our School program, an effort by Remington College to assist local public schools with up to $2,000 worth of school supplies. Nominations and voting were done online by the public.
    • Remington College - Honolulu Campus to Hold Open House
      Remington College - Honolulu Campus will hold an open house on August 8th to allow community members to see what the campus has to offer. From 10 am to 2 pm, the public can tour the campus, meet instructors, view hands-on demonstrations and learn more about financial aid available for those who qualify.