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  • Honolulu Cosmetology Students: Showcasing Their Skills for Paul Brown Institute Photo Shoot

    A September 14 photo shoot to prepare advertising materials for the Paul Brown Institute at Remington College turned out to be a valuable hands-on experience for our Cosmetology students at Remington College - Honolulu Campus.

    On the day of the shoot, our students prepped all of the models beginning at 9 a.m., styling their hair and doing their make-up while supervised by instructors. The crew then moved to Kapena Falls, a short distance away. A professional make-up artist was on hand there to oversee the look and feel of the shoot.

    Afterward, everyone had great things to say about the experience. According to Cosmetology Department Chair Maria Nelson, "Our students were very excited and anxious to do their best work, and the models were pleasantly surprised by our students' capabilities and professionalism." She adds, "I think a lot of people still have a dated view of what a 'beauty school' is. I believe it's all the more important, then, for us to feature our students' capabilities as often as possible in our communities, so that this perspective can be changed not only among the general public but also among career counselors and parents, and so that we can encourage new talent to enter our industry."

    Remington College acquired the Honolulu branch of the Paul Brown Institute in July 2009. Under its previous ownership, the Institute had been directly across from our Campus for three and a half years. The Institute remains dedicated to instilling its future talent with high performance standards, along with salon and business readiness.

    Some of the photos taken during the Kapena Falls shoot are presented here and will be used in future advertising for the Paul Brown Institute at Remington College.