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  • Remington College in Honolulu, Hawaii

    Aloha from Remington College in Honolulu!

    Remington College in Oahu is in the heart of downtown Honolulu, amid restaurants and local businesses. Yet just five blocks away, you can see the crystal clear Pacific Ocean.

    Just like the bustling downtown area we’re a part of, our College means business when it comes to educating our students. And just like the blue waters of the nearby ocean have the power to invigorate you, the environment at our Campus is all about stimulating your senses and revitalizing your full potential through the power of education.

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    Honolulu Degree and Diploma Programs

    Honolulu, Hawaii Degree and Diploma Programs

    Our Honolulu college offers a variety of degree and diploma programs for you to choose from. Learn which programs are available and find the one that may be right for you!


    Remington College Honolulu Campus Lobby

    Directions to Our Honolulu, Hawaii Campus

    Remington College – Honolulu Campus is located at:
    1111 Bishop Street, Suite 400
    Honolulu, HI 96813

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    Honolulu College News and Events

    Honolulu, Hawaii Campus News

    Learn what life is like at our Honolulu Campus and how our students give back to local business owners and the community! Read about all the latest on-campus student events, graduate profiles, and news.

    Experience Our ʻOhana at Remington College in Honolulu

    The feeling at our Campus is one of ʻohana. It emphasizes that family are bound together and that members must cooperate with, respect, and remember one another.

    Our school's ʻohana is a fundamental value, and it’s enhanced by the personable people who work here and the inviting classroom environment we offer.

    When you walk the halls of Remington College in Honolulu, you might come across a class of business students fully engaged in their lesson, while down the same hall, between day and evening program sessions, a Hula lesson might be taking place in a classroom. (That’s because a local halau hula dance troupe practices here on the property.)

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    Campus and Community Activities in Honolulu

    Here on the island, Remington College – Honolulu Campus is fully involved in the community. Many local businesses visit our Campus to advise and enlighten our students in their fields of expertise or welcome our students into their businesses.

    This support comes from Oahu organizations like these:  

    • Therapeutic Touch of Health
    • Hawaii Tech Support
    • The Honolulu Police Department
    • Clinical Laboratories of Hawaii
    • Honolulu MMA
    • Legacy of Life Hawaii
    • Hawaii Medical Center
    • Nordstrom
    • Macys
    • Enterprise Rent a Car
    • Mutual of Omaha
    • Sears Holding

    Representatives from each group have given talks and demonstrations to our students to enhance their learning. We have also enjoyed visits from experts in the Lomi Lomi Hawaiian spiritual massage technique.

    Another key belief we value is to give something back to our community at large. We do that regularly by organizing and taking part in community activities like these: 

    • Bone marrow drives
    • Toys for Tots campaigns
    • Job fairs and open houses
    • Blood bank drives
    • Food drives
    • Clothing drives

    We also have a student-run green organization known as Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE). On Campus, their focus is to initiate recycling efforts in addition to projects that help the homeless, the victims of the tsunami in American Samoa, and more.

    These and all our efforts are well received and enjoy overwhelming participation from students, faculty, staff, and the Oahu community.

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    Our instructors take the time to ensure that every student is getting the attention and education he or she deserves, and they do it knowing we are all one ʻohana here at Remington College.

    Each of our dedicated educators is eager to see you succeed and is there to help when you need it.

    Here are just a few examples of the way in which our instructors approach their role: 

    • Showing up early well before class to accommodate students’ schedules and help them prepare for exams.
    • Providing tutorials outside of classroom time to students who need extra help in various subjects.
    • Providing their contact information so that students can text or call when they are running late or have emergencies.
    • Keeping index cards with students’ contact information readily available to keep in touch during school and even after graduation.
    • Writing reference letters for graduates going out into the work force and for those seeking higher education.
    • Using online tools and resources so that students can log on to see their grades or get the day’s assignments so they don’t fall behind.

    One instructor even offers hula lessons to students in his off hours!

    Our dedicated educators go above and beyond to ensure that students are grasping the material and enjoying their learning experience. They share a caring spirit that comes across to our students and to our community.

    Our Honolulu Campus is pleased to offer these career-focused degree and diploma programs:(1) 

    • Clinical Medical Assisting, an associate's degree that lets you learn and practice clinical techniques like CPR and blood pressure monitoring.
    • Cosmetology at The Paul Brown Institute at Remington College, offering you hands-on training in skin, hair, and nail care at the Paul Brown Institute and student salon environment.
    • Criminal Justice, which can help to prepare you for a potential career in security, parole, loss prevention, correction or even law enforcement administration.
    • Business Administration, providing training in software applications, e-commerce, Web page development, and international trade and service, including tourism.
    • Massage Therapy, in which you learn to apply manual techniques and adjunctive therapies designed to improve others’ health and well-being, practice in our on-campus massage clinic, and prepare for your certification exam.
    • Organizational Management, offering training in the technical skills and behaviors that are critical for professional administrators.

    We invite you to call or visit our Campus in Honolulu, Hawaii, and learn more about what we can offer you!

    Remington College – Honolulu Campus is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).

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    (1) Employment after graduation not guaranteed. Additional requirements for licensure and/or certification may apply.
    Click here to learn more about our Free Hawaii GED program.