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  • A "Feel-Good" Partnership: Honolulu Massage Therapy Graduates Volunteer at Hawaii Medical Center to Celebrate Nurses and Hospital Staff

    On May 12 and 13, 2011, several licensed massage therapists from Remington College in Honolulu volunteered to participate in an event at the Hawaii Medical Center as part of the annual "Nurses' Week Health Seminar."

    Giving Back to Ewa Beach HealthCare Providers

    The two-day event began at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, May 12, at the Ewa Beach (West) location of the Hawaii Medical Center. For three hours, 11 of our massage therapists provided 5- to 10-minute massages to healthcare staff including nurses, doctors, pharmacists, care coordinators, discharge planners, and more.

    Our graduates set up five massage chairs and two massage tables, along with another table showcasing information about our Massage Therapy training program and our graduates' qualifications.

    Massages were given in an open area, where large glass windows overlooked the local Honolulu vista - truly a great location for a relaxing and well-deserved massage!

    Graduates Bring Massage Therapy to Liliha Medical Center

    The second day of the "Nurses' Week Health Seminar" took place at the Liliha Medical Center, on the eastern side of Oahu.

    Five of our Massage Therapy graduates participated in the center's festivities at this event by providing massages from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

    Again, massages were provided to nurses, doctors, surgeons, care coordinators, medical assistants, and other hospital staff as part of Hawaii Medical Center's Hospital and Nurses' Week celebration.

    Four massage chairs and one massage table were available in a small outdoor atrium and break area for the staff to easily access.

    Licensed Massage Therapy Graduates Give Back to Their Community

    Honolulu Job Development Specialist Paolo Delacruz organized the event and chaperoned the graduates. "Our Remington College Massage Therapy graduates truly believe in healing through the power of touch. The graduates were able to provide over 100 massages to some of Honolulu's most important healthcare professionals over the course of six hours," said Mr. Delacruz.

    He added, "Their dedication to the local community serves as an inspiration to current Massage Therapy students and shows how Oahu residents take care of each other."

    Hawaii Medical Center and Remington College Massage Therapy Graduates' Growing Relationship

    This is the second Hawaii Medical Center event that Remington College Massage Therapy graduates have participated in, and Mr. Delacruz has confirmed that the graduates intend to participate in future events whenever possible.

    "Our licensed massage therapists feel this is a great opportunity to network with medical professionals and connect with the community. The graduates also had an opportunity to tour Hawaii Medical Center's Physical Therapy Clinic, which exposed them to potential future training opportunities in occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy assisting," noted Mr. Delacruz.

    Honolulu Licensed Massage Therapists Who Volunteered Their Time

    Remington College graduates who volunteered their time to benefit the local community and employees of the Hawaii Medical Center included:

    • Desiree Gandule
    • Laureen Hino
    • Matasha Calantoc
    • Leilani M. Alimbuyao
    • Kelly Goya
    • Jarret Cruz
    • Catrina Ignacio
    • Karen Pierre-Louis
    • Shareen Lum
    • Shelveen "Vee" Baniaga
    • Timothy Corrado
    • Robert Rider