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  • Honolulu Massage Therapy School News and Events

    Our location in town gives Massage Therapy graduates and students the perfect ability to participate in off-campus events. Whether we're massaging doctors and healthcare workers at a local hospital, or participating in events like the Special Olympics, we truly believe in healing through the power of touch. Learn what we've been up to lately and schedule a tour of the facilities to meet our friendly staff face-to-face!

    Call or request information to learn more about our Honolulu Massage Therapy diploma program.

    • Exploring a Career in Massage Therapy May Be Good for What Ails You
      Let's face it: In this hurry-up-and-get-it-done world, few of us have time to even consume an 8-ounce cup of coffee before it turns cold, let alone squeeze in a decent lunch break. And this perpetually multitasking, harried, stressful pace of life has taken its toll on most of us. From our aching feet, to our sore backs, to our stiff necks, to our pounding heads, and now even to our throbbing thumbs (you've heard of BlackBerry Thumb, the scourge of those addicted to hand-helds?), many of us are searching more fervently than ever for some therapeutic relief from it all. Enter the massage therapist.
    • Honolulu Massage Therapy Graduates Volunteer at Hawaii Medical Center
      On May 12 and 13, 2011, several licensed massage therapists from Remington College in Honolulu volunteered to participate in an event at the Hawaii Medical Center as part of the annual "Nurses' Week Health Seminar."...
    • Honolulu Massage Therapy Legacy of Life Donor Remembrance Ceremony
      Each year, friendsand families gather to remember Hawaii's organ, tissue, and eye donors at theannual Donor Recognition Ceremony hosted by Legacy of Life Hawai'i.
    • Honolulu Massage Therapy Use New Skills to Benefit Special Olympics
      When the Coordinator for Special Olympics Hawai'i, CindyUjimori, reached out to the Massage Therapy program at Remington College –Honolulu Campus to find participants for a fundraiser, she got three eagerstudents and one instructor to commit their time, energy, and skills to the thirdannual Polar Plunge.
    • Massage Therapist Job Outlook Archive
      Learn about the job opportunities available with an education in Massage Therapy.
    • Students Get a Real Feel for Managing a Massage Clinic
      Students in ourHonolulu Massage Therapy program got a genuine feel for the real world ofrunning a spa or massage clinic thanks to a "Massage Therapy Expo" assignment, theculmination of Raymond Herradura's and Lorrie Wong's courses in Career Development and Business Practices and Medical ErrorPrevention.