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  • Who should consider Honolulu Massage Therapy career training?

    If helping clients with their health and well-being while possibly setting your own hours interests you, take a closer look at massage therapy training and a massage therapist career.

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    What tasks do those in a Massage Therapist career perform?

    Massage therapy may help treat certain injuries and relieve tension through therapeutic touch. A trained massage therapist relies on knowledge of anatomy and the body's healing systems to bring relief from muscular pain, injury, or mental stress.

    Massage therapists play an important role in promoting clients' physical health. As more people recognize the benefits of massage therapy, therapists should discover new career opportunity in this ancient practice.(2)

    Types of Massage Therapy

    • Swedish Massage
    • Shiatsu
    • Deep-tissue Massage
    • Reflexology
    • Acupressure
    • Sports massage
    • Neuromuscular massage

    A career in massage therapy can be physically demanding, but some massage therapists may work out of their own homes, a clinic, spa, hospital, nursing home, or fitness center.(2)

    What is typically included in Honolulu Massage Therapist career training?

    Massage therapy career training instructors demonstrate techniques that include quick strokes, kneading motions, as well as hot stone and other therapies. Many massage therapists advise clients on healthy lifestyle choices and ergonomic strategies for avoiding repetitive stress injuries.

    What is the outlook for Massage Therapist careers?

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), each state mandates different requirements for licensure, but graduation from an accredited massage therapy program is usually required in order to practice. Massage therapist training may cover anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, and body mechanics, as well as practical massage techniques and business management.(2)

    The BLS also reports that employment of massage therapists is expected to grow much faster than the national average. Between 2014 and 2024, employment of massage therapists should increase 22 percent nationwide, and 15.8 percent in the state of Hawaii between 2012 and 2022.(2)